Skateboard Spokey WOO-FISH

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Key benefits:

  • high quality ABEC7 bearings,
  • made of durable and flexible Canadian maple,
  • torsion, fast and safe,
  • unique design
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Spokey WOO-FISH skateboard:

  • was made of Canadian maple, which is the most durable and flexible wood that is used to make skateboards,
  • it is an incredibly agile cruiser board, which makes it easy to turn and balance while riding,
  • it is equipped with 78A hardness polyurethane wheels, which perfectly absorb vibrations resulting from moving on uneven surfaces and make the skateboard perfectly grip the surface,
  • equipped with ABEC7 bearings, which are much faster than the equivalent with a lower number. Thanks to this you can reach a speed on the level of longboards.

If you love fast ride full of unobvious maneuvers and you're looking for skateboard that allows you to reach high speeds while maintaining excellent turning ability, Spokey WOO-FISH will be the perfect choice! This lightweight, practical and compact equipment is designed for lovers of "surfing" in parks and on paved surfaces. With the WOO-FISH  skateboard you will cover long distances while maintaining excellent grip on the ground. It is made for technical, dynamic riding.

For lovers of high speed and unusual maneuvers

Spokey WOO-FISH is something more than a classic skateboard! It has a slightly different shape - it's smaller and therefore easier to maneuver. Big polyurethane wheels (64x45 mm) with hardness of 78A make it faster, safer and more stable. It's also equipped with ABEC7 bearings, which are faster than their lower number counterparts. Riding Spokey WOO-FISH you can easily overcome obstacles and differences in height. This model is the best choice for a fast and casual ride on sidewalk or asphalt.

Perfect for urban skating

Cruiser skateboard also knows as penny will fit into any backpack. Nothing prevents you from taking it with you on vacation, weekend trip or out with friends. Thanks to Spokey WOO-FISH skateboard you will forget about torn wheels and broken boards. It is made of Canadian maple, which is the most durable and flexible wood used for skateboards. The top is a special non-slip transparent grip tape coating, which helps to maintain a stable position and better balance, which increases the quality of movement and makes it easier to control the board during various maneuvers! Moreover, large size of wheels and lower trucks in Spokey WOO-FISH improve flexibility, torsion and give better freedom of movement on turns.

Technical data:

  • material: Canadian maple 
  • hardness of the wheels: 78A
  • wheels size: 64 x 45 mm
  • wheels material: polyurethane (PU)
  • dimensions of the skateboard: 56 x 15 cm 
  • bearings: ABEC7
  • truck: 3,25" aluminum
  • deck covering: transparent grip tape
  • compliance with standard: EN 13613
  • maximum user weight 100 kg
More Information
Materiał deckucanadian maple
Max user weight100 kg
Wheel hardness78 A
Wheel materialPU
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