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Strippers and stabilizers for: knees, wrists, ankles

Strippers and stabilizers for: knees, wrists, ankles are accessories useful for physically active people. Playing sports - any - always carries a greater or lesser risk of injury. Knees, elbows, ankles and ankle are particularly vulnerable. To prevent them, remember not only about the correct technique of exercise, warming up and stretching. Drawstrings, i.e. elastic bands put on places exposed to injury are also helpful. They limit the possibility of making incorrect movements, stabilize joints and support muscles. They are used not only to prevent injury, but also during rehabilitation.

When to choose a stripper?

Strippers are very versatile. It is worth reaching for them if you practice sport that puts a heavy load on one muscle or specific joints, e.g. tennis, running, weight lifting. They are also helpful in the treatment of injuries - they increase the temperature, improving blood circulation, and thus the healing and recovery process, and also reduce swelling. In our store you will also find slimming waist bands and slimming shorts that will work on all big exits and also have a stabilizing effect.

How to choose a stripper or stabilizer?

As already mentioned, these accessories are universal. The same model can work preventively, it can also be used for rehabilitation purposes. You do not have to worry about using them contrary to their intended use - they are safe. However, remember not to squeeze them too tightly - they are to stabilize the joint, not to prevent movement. Our sizes are usually adjustable, so there is no problem with buying the wrong one, and those without adjustment are flexible and adapt to your body shape. Their composition is varied, but mostly nylon, neoprene and polyester, there are also versions with the addition of satin or rubber.

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