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Training benches

Training benches - who practices strength sports and has never used them? If there is such a person, it means they should try! This is a wide category of products, which include, among others benches for pressing barbells or crunch benches. We focused on devices that will help you diversify all home workouts, help strengthen the body and shape the figure. We offer, for example, a modern bench for general development exercises "total crunch", with a counter for the number of repetitions, the number of repetitions per minute, calories burned and training duration. You will also find a classic crunch bench with height and angle adjustment.

How To Exercise?

Both training benches and total crunches are easy to use. Their additional advantage is their small size (compared to other fitness equipment), so they are very well suited for home gym equipment. You also don't need a professional trainer as their use is simple. Total crunch allows you to exercise all muscles: abdomen, legs, arms, back. You use your own body weight for them, so you no longer need bars, weights and dumbbells.

For whom?

For all who want to take care of their physical condition - regardless of age and gender. Strong legs, strong arms, a flat stomach, a straight back - no problem! Devices of this type have seat and pedal height adjustment, so you can adjust them to your individual body shape. Before buying, it is worth checking the maximum load of the devices - those in our store can withstand from 105 to 120 kg. So if you want to burn excess calories, stay fit and feel good in your body, training benches and total crunches are for you.

High quality

The equipment for home exercises we offer are distinguished by high quality and comfort. The crunch bench is covered with soft synthetic leather, and the total crunches come with a 5-year warranty on the frame and 2-year on the mechanical parts.

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