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Ski and snowboard goggles

Ski goggles are an integral part of the equipment of every person who actively practices winter sports in the snow. Although they are most often associated with improved comfort, in fact they perform extremely important protective functions. Thanks to this, when skiing, snowmobiles or snowboarding, their user gains a much higher level of safety in the event of a fall. Both snowboard goggles and those intended for skiers protect eyes and face. Therefore, they should be made of solid and very durable materials, so that they will not crack on impact and will not create an additional threat themselves. Therefore, the ski goggles we propose are made in modern technology and have the appropriate safety certificate.

Eye protection with UV filter

One of the problems that arises when practicing winter sports in the snow is the reflection of sunlight from the surface of snow powder. As a result of this phenomenon, a reflection appears, which is a serious threat to the eyes of skiers or snowboarders. Against snow blindness, which not only worsens the quality of vision, but also can contribute to serious accidents, protect our goggles as fast (UV filter). The variety of available products allows you to choose the filter for the conditions in which sport will be practiced.

Filter categories and colors

Choosing the right goggles should not be accidental. An important criterion is the scope of eye protection, which is determined by the category of filter and the color of the lenses. We sell snowboard and ski goggles, including junior goggles in 5 protection classes, depending on the degree of light transmission:

  • category 0 - from 80 to 100%,
  • category 1 - from 43 to 80%,
  • category 2 - from 18 to 43%,
  • category 3 - from 8 to 18%,
  • category 4 - from 3 to 8%.

In addition, good ski goggles should be equipped with a UV400 filter that protects the eyes from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The selection of lens colors is also important. Goggles like a glass with an orange UV filter will work on cloudy days. In intense sunlight, it's worth choosing brown, gray, black or blue.

Junior and adult goggles

In the store's assortment you will find excellent Spokey junior and adult goggles from Spokey, made using the latest technologies, including the antifog system. All models are perfectly fitted to the face and very comfortable to wear. In addition, they improve visual acuity and increase contrast while protecting the eyes with 400% UV filter

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