Ice skates

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Ice skates for the whole family

A joint trip to the ice rink is great fun for the whole family - but it is important to equip yourself with the right skates, adapted to your age and skills. Our offer includes many models, among which everyone will find something for themselves. We have women's, men's and children's skates, figure and hockey skates, adjustable skates, as well as with replaceable skids, which in summer can be used as skates. Classic versions with a laced synthetic leather or material shoe or modern shoes made of strong PVC - no matter what you choose, there is high quality and comfort behind every piece.

Figure skates

Figure skates are distinguished primarily by their characteristic teeth at the front of the skid. They are wrongly equated with women's skates - they also exist in men's versions. They are manoeuvrable and available in many models, more traditional and modern. Their teeth facilitate making figures while riding and allow you to ride a variety of techniques. And although riding them is somewhat more difficult than skating with a smooth skid, figurines have many followers.

Hockey skates

In turn, hockey skates are a great option for beginners. They are more stable, it is easier to take large curves in them and brake, and the ride consists in pushing off the sides of the skid - just like when rollerblading. Our skates, regardless of the model, have high-quality stainless steel skids, comfortable shoes and strong fasteners, additionally stabilizing the ankle. They are suitable not only for ice hockey, but also for ordinary recreational riding.

Ice skates for children

Our family offer of skates could not miss models for the youngest - they are both figured and hockey versions. The great advantage of our children's skates is the possibility of their smooth adjustment, which means that one pair can serve a child several seasons. An interesting solution is also 2 in 1 roller skates, with a replaceable skid, which will change shoes into skates in winter and in roller skates in summer.

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