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Electric and magnetic treadmills

Electric treadmills, although a relatively new invention, meet our natural needs. Running is not only a popular sport. It has always been an inseparable element of our lives. From prehistoric times and hunting to a completely modern day chasing a departing bus. For us, running is natural like breathing, we do not need to learn it, buy lessons, go to special trainings, if we only plan recreational running, and not breaking world records.

Types of treadmills

Although running is natural and comes easily to us, more and more people want to run faster, longer, harder. Running workouts can be very varied: slow runs, fast runs, mixed stretches, rhythms, ascents, intervals. That is why the treadmills we offer meet different needs. You will find equipment with an engine power of up to 4.5 HP, on which you will develop a speed of up to 22 km / h - irreplaceable for everyone who dreams of prestigious marathons, podiums and results. In the more basic models, with a 1.5 HP engine, this speed is 16 km / h - it's still a great and demanding pace! Home treadmills also have safety keys that allow you to stop them quickly. It is also possible to change the incline of the treadmill by up to 20%, thanks to which the treadmill imitates the natural surface better.

Treadmill training at home

Can you train without a personal trainer? Of course! Every amateur who tries to improve their results on their own knows this. But it is useful to be able to measure and analyze your progress. That is why each of our treadmills has a measurement of time, speed, distance, pulse - thanks to special sensors - and calories burned, many of them allow you to track the current parameters on the display thanks to the scan function. There are also many models with multimedia color displays, also with a tablet function, which, in addition to helping in assessing training, allow you to chase away weariness. In the Arena model you can set a realistic scenery on the display or watch a movie.

Advantages of electric treadmills

There are many advantages to using an electric treadmill. First of all, it is the possibility of physical activity at any time without leaving home, e.g. in the case of caring for young children, it is an ideal solution. It is taking care of health, figure and physical condition. Thanks to the built-in programs and the possibility of manual settings, everyone can choose the optimal training for themselves and adjust it to their needs.

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