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Resistance bands for strength exercises

Did you know that you can successfully use your own body weight for strength exercises? You can equip your home gym with basic, small equipment that will diversify your training - for beginners and recreational exercisers. Bars, weights and dumbbells are not a necessity. And even advanced users can use resistance training bands for strength exercises or other such accessories in their daily activities. About 30 minutes of regular training 3-4 times a week is enough to strengthen your body, improve your physical condition and define your figure. Exercises with resistance bands can be treated as a separate training or as complementary training when practicing other sports.

How does it work?

Resistance bands are easy to use and, contrary to their name, they are suitable not only for strength exercises. They can be used in yoga, fitness, rehabilitation and many other situations. They work by using resistance, which we overcome with the strength of our own muscles - that's all. That's why resistance bands are so versatile. You can exercise your calves, thighs, glutes, back muscles, abdomen, chest, hands, all with these inconspicuous-looking gadgets! You don't need a professional personal trainer to exercise with resistance bands - you will find plenty of advice and examples of safe exercises with resistance bands online. All you need is an exercise mat and comfortable clothes.

How to choose?

First of all, you should pay attention to the extensibility of the rubber. Typically, one manufacturer has bands with 3-5 resistance levels, ranging from light to very heavy to stretch. The greater the experience and strength of user, the resistance should of course be greater. It's best to get several versions and change them on a regular basis, depending on your needs. You can also choose between closed circumference rubbers, usually thicker, and tied ones - with a small cross-section, but wide. You can give the second ones any length, which makes them more universal.

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