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Tourist sleeping bags

About the sleeping bag you can certainly say that he is the tourist's greatest friend. Even the most solid tent will not guarantee thermal comfort, especially at night, when the body slows down during sleep and it is more prone to hypothermia. Freezing has many unpleasant consequences, ranging from a common cold and runny nose, to life-threatening hypothermia. Sleeping bags for summer and winter are also to guarantee comfort of rest, which is why they should be distinguished by adequate softness. It is particularly important when the equipment does not have a mattress but a foam pad. In this situation, it is worth paying attention to what filling the sleeping bag the manufacturer used in it.

Types of tourist sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are available in many variants, both in color and in terms of filling, shape or thickness. The basic division allows to distinguish two types of tourist sleeping bags - traditional envelope models, with a rectangular form and the so-called mummy sleeping bags. The latter are designed to tightly envelop the human figure. Lack of free spaces inside the sleeping bag means that body heat is better accumulated in it, and the tight interior heats up faster. For this reason, products of this design provide much better protection against the cold. Among the products in this category, you can also distinguish summer and winter sleeping bags and children's models, available in a smaller size.

What filling of the sleeping bag should you choose?

Individual types of tourist sleeping bags also differ in other characteristics. These include, but are not limited to, materials - both external and internal, as well as a filling layer. In the case of the former, an important advantage is the ease of cleaning and the speed of drying of the surface. Therefore, an excellent choice are synthetic models, e.g. made of polyester, available in our store. It is also worth considering which filling for the sleeping bag to choose. Sleeping bags for summer and winter differ mainly in the thickness of this filling, expressed in g / m2. Spokey sleeping bag models, are filled with hollow-fiber. It is characterized by a special structure with an empty interior that creates an additional thermal insulation layer. Impregnated hydrophobic down is also not very susceptible to moisture. Hollowfibre is also very fluffy and soft, breathable, quick-drying and has a low weight. For this reason, it not only provides comfort and protection at the highest level, but also is easy to carry in a backpack.

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