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Fitness equipment: treadmills, stationary bikes, cross trainers and much more

Exercises that can be practiced at any time with family and friends, while watching TV and reading, are becoming one of the most popular sports activities. The most liked in Polish homes are:

  • exercise bike or spinning bike,
  • treadmill,
  • cross trainer,
  • stepper,
  • rowing machine.
  • Benefits of treadmill exercise

The basis of every home gym should be a treadmill. But how? You can run outside… Of course! Provided that the weather is favorable and we have time for it. In addition, scientists have proven that using the treadmill is safer for the joints, and also reduces the load on the feet by as much as 35%! Today's technology also allows you to measure the intensity of training, the distance traveled or the runner's pulse, which makes it possible to plan training tailored to our individual preferences.

Similar effects can be achieved by putting on an exercise bike and an elliptical cross trainer - contrary to appearances, we exercise not only the legs, but actually all muscles!

They are perfect for everyone, regardless of age. They will also work well for people who count every minute of their precious time, because while cycling or training on a magnetic cross-trainer, you can listen to music, read your favorite book and follow the fate of your favorite movie characters. After all, fitness equipment is not only effective, but also handy and very quiet. Watching "13 Reasons Why", "Game of Thrones" and other best-selling series is also possible while using the rowing machine. The device allows you to perform exercises that simulate the rowing process, which engages the muscles of the entire body. It is an ideal training to lose weight or strengthen muscles. For this purpose, it is also worth focusing on steppers - fat burning and improving the physical condition are just few of the advantages of using the equipment. Steppers are recommended primarily to women, as they help to fight cellulite, make the legs slimmer and firm the glutes. Effects? They are visible after two or three weeks of regular exercise!

Workout at home?

Not being satisfied with your own weight? You do not have to choose the gym which is at the same time close to your home, is cheap and is not full of people. Create your perfect exercise space in your own home! Safe and easy-to-use fitness machines help keep your body in optimal shape. The key is a wide range of equipment for sports - running, stretching, crunch, jumping and bending - all from the comfort of your home. What more could you want ... Let's take care of our health and lose unnecessary kilograms. Let's bet on fitness equipment.

What to choose: exercise bike or cross trainer?

Stationary bikes and cross trainers are one of the most popular machines that are used in training to reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body. The relatively small dimensions of these devices mean that they can be successfully used both in the gym and in the home space. When thinking about buying an elliptical cross trainer or a stationary bike, at the very beginning you should familiarize yourself with the specific possibilities of both of these machines and determine what you expect from your training.

Stationary bike and cross trainer

Elliptical trainers and exercise bikes are among the most popular equipment that can be found in the cardio zone of every gym. We will use these equipment effectively both for warming up and for intensive endurance training. Both devices will help to slim the figure and improve the overall efficiency of the body. The main difference between them lies in the muscles that are activated during training. The stationary bike will focus on the muscles of the lower body parts, while thanks to the exercises on the elliptical cross trainer, we will work on the muscles of the shoulder girdle, trunk, legs and glutes.

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