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Football - complete equipment

Are you a football fan? Then reach for the accessories that will allow you to have professional training, as well as playing matches. We have everything you need. Order comfortable football shorts in which you will be able to efficiently and comfortably move around the pitch. Reach for turf shoes (turfy), which are perfect for spotted and other grassy fields, as well as for indoor footwear. We also have football leggings for you at the age of size and a wide selection of balls that are good for full-size games as well as smaller pitches. Check out professional football boots as well as football gloves for the goalkeeper - all in one place and at a great price.

Spokey footballs

Spokey footballs come in sizes 4 and 5. For younger adepts - balls in size 4, for older ones 5. They are mainly sewn by hand, which affects the quality associated with the balls. The use of 4 layers under the main lining of the balls ensures that the perfect shape is maintained and a guarantee of perfect reflection. Footballs have an inner tube made of latex, which ensures durability and safety of the game. The weight of footballs does not exceed 500g. Each product for soccer sports guarantees great fun.

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