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Water sports - caps, swimming goggles

The offer of our store allows you to choose outfits, accessories and accessories necessary for training swimming, diving and other water sports. Swimming is the most frequently chosen water sport activity throughout the year. You need a swimming cap, nose and earplugs and swimming goggles when visiting the pool.

For the youngest swimmers we have prepared colorful, reminiscent of fairytale caps. People who start swimming lessons, regardless of age, will need swimming boards or special foam pastas to keep their balance in the water. People using the pools will also need a quick-drying towel and an electronic stopwatch.

For people who want to improve swimming results or facilitate training, we offer training oars, which shape not only affects the grip in water, but also blocks hands from injuries. For a bag or backpack with swimming attire and accessories, it's good to add pool flip-flops that will allow you to comfortably move around the swimming pool.

For outdoor sports fans, we have prepared useful cooling towels in summer. A water slide and diving toys will make time in the water more enjoyable for everyone who loves water attractions grown outside in their own pools. When practicing water sports in open waters, a lifejacket turns out to be useful, which is available in our store in several models. For diving fans, we have prepared training fins and many types of masks for diving, providing excellent visibility under water and having a tube with flexible mouthpiece and a special tip, protecting against water getting inside the pipe.

Water sports are not only swimming and diving, but also jumping to water, fitness and water aerobics, water polo or synchronized swimming - regardless of the discipline practiced, the wide range of our store will allow you to complete the appropriate water equipment. Offered products are of the highest quality and allow you to maintain safety and comfort during physical activity.

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