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Electric scooters available in the Spokey store are very diverse, and therefore meet the requirements of children and adults. All scooters meet safety requirements and are of high quality. Electric scooters are a modern equivalent of city bikes - they allow for a significant reduction in travel time and avoiding traffic jams; thanks to them, you can quickly get to a tram or bus, you can also successfully use them to cover several bus stops - the distance that can be covered at one time depends on the battery power of a given scooter model and the selected riding mode. We encourage you to choose an electric scooter model that charges the battery relatively quickly. The electric scooter is selected according to the weight and height of the user - this is especially important if we decide to buy a scooter for an adult. Different speeds can be developed on the electric scooter, depending on the power and size of the motor. Some of the two-wheelers we offer can reach up to 10 km / h, and some even twice as much. When buying an electric scooter, it is worth taking a look at the technical details - is the scooter equipped with a visible battery indicator, is the starting console intuitive, and how the lights are arranged so that the vehicle is clearly visible in the dark.

Is the scooter easy to fold and easy to transport?

Ease of transport will ensure the possibility of folding the scooter to a position that resembles a suitcase or a shopping cart, allowing you to pull the scooter on one wheel. The scooters available in our store allow you to adjust the height of the handlebar, so you can move on them in a comfortable position. The location of the brakes is also important - are they only on the handlebar or are they located on the rear wheel? The brake lights will allow for safe maneuvering while moving. Comfortable driving on uneven surfaces is ensured by shock absorbers, which allow for stable movement of the wheels and elimination of vibrations in the handlebar. The electric scooters offered in our store have two fenders: on the front and back, which guarantees protection of clothes against dirt if we drive into a puddle. While riding a scooter, it is worth remembering about a helmet and knee and elbow pads. We offer a wide range of accessories that increase safety while moving on electric scooters.

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