Supporting people's sporting passions since 2004, we aim to extend our commitment to the environment, translating our motto "Live with passion" into engagement with ecological issues. Eco is not just a passing trend; it is currently a necessity for the sake of our own comfort and health. It's not just about future generations but about the here and now. Whether hiking in the mountains, commuting on electric scooters, or practicing yoga in the park, we increasingly and eagerly take our activities outdoors. To fully enjoy the natural surroundings, we need to be conscious and responsible users of the environment. Therefore, recycle and be eco-friendly with us! We place great importance on environmental care, which is why we have prepared guidelines for easy and free disposal of used electrical, electronic equipment and batteries.


As a user, you play a crucial role in the disposal and recycling system. You decide what to do with used equipment. It is crucial not to discard old and unnecessary electrical devices or batteries into regular waste bins as they pose a threat to the environment. Instead, they should be delivered to designated collection points for electronic waste, from where they are directed to the proper disposal, reuse, or recycling facilities.


Crossed-out symbols on containers, whether on devices, packaging, user manuals, or warranty cards, indicate that the equipment should not be treated as municipal waste. This labeling is applicable to all electrical devices and batteries, which should be handed over to a free-of-charge collection point for electronic waste.


The environmentally friendly disposal of our products, in accordance with the Act of September 11, 2015, on waste electrical and electronic equipment, and the Act of April 24, 2009, on batteries and accumulators, is ensured through cooperation with the Recycling Organization for Electrical and Electronic Equipment AURAEKO S.A. and the Packaging Recovery Organization S.A. AURAEKO BATERPAK.



  • Customers have the right to deliver electronic devices, electrical waste, batteries, or accumulators to Selective Municipal Waste Collection Points organized by municipalities. The list of points and their addresses can be found on the municipality's official website or notice boards.
  • Leave electronic waste in the store with the offered assortment related to used equipment.
  • At the service point, if repairing old equipment is impossible or uneconomical due to technical reasons.

Electronic waste should be delivered to the selected free collection point without prior disassembly, dismantling, or processing of the equipment. These processes are carried out in specialized facilities, allowing the products to undergo recycling.


  • Recycling electrical equipment and batteries conserves natural resources and reduces environmental impact. Thousands of tons of used electrical and electronic equipment are produced annually, with a significant portion ending up in landfills or the natural environment. However, most used equipment can undergo recycling and be used to manufacture other products. By returning your device, you contribute to environmentally friendly recycling.
  • Not only electrical devices but also batteries and accumulators contain many metals suitable for recycling, such as zinc, iron, manganese, nickel, cadmium, and lead. Some of these substances are hazardous to the environment and human health, especially mercury, lead, and cadmium. Selected batteries are often marked with the chemical element symbol they contain (Pb, Cd, Hg).
  • By delivering batteries and electrical equipment to collection points, we conserve natural raw material sources, especially through the recycling of materials. At the same time, we protect our environment from improper disposal.