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Magnetic bicycles

Magnetic bikes are one of the most basic fitness equipment that almost anyone can afford. The basic models are really small and you can easily put them into a wardrobe even in a small apartment, and thanks to the built-in transport wheels you can easily move them. Riding on stationary bikes does not require practice or special preparation, it is a form of activity for everyone who wants to maintain or build a good physical condition.

Training tailored to your needs

The big advantage of exercising on magnetic bikes is the possibility of individually adjusting the training to your preferences, riding style or level. The basic adjustment is the resistance adjustment, which works similar to the derailleurs on traditional bicycles. So you can increase the resistance over time to force the muscles to work more intensively. Some models of magnetic bicycles also have built-in training programs, both ready-made and manual. You can follow your progress on the display built into the handle bar. Thanks to the touch sensors, the pulse is measured on an ongoing basis, you can also see the distance traveled, speed and the number of calories burned.

Modern technologies

Our magnetic bikes use Optimized Power technology, which allows you to achieve the effects of a heavier flywheel with a lighter one. The training is therefore effective and the equipment is lighter. Modern solutions can also be seen in the change of the resistance scale - in some models you will find the scale changed smoothly and automatically. The exercise bike is controlled on an easy-to-use panel. The latest models also include ready-made training programs, prepared for people of various levels of advancement.

For everyone

Magnetic bikes are sports equipment for almost everyone. For athletes who are looking for interesting complementary exercises, as well as for people undergoing rehabilitation. This is a great solution for young mothers who want to get back to their pre-pregnancy figure. Cycling does not burden the joints and knees, therefore it is recommended for people struggling with overweight. Among our models you will find versions that can withstand the user weight from 100 to even 170 kg!

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