Air exercise bike Spokey VECTOR

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The most important advantages:

  • air resistance,
  • failure-free drive system on the chain,
  • vertical and horizontal saddle adjustment,
  • movable steel arms allow you to perform upper and lower muscle strengthening training simultaneously or separately.
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Spokey VECTOR air exercise bike:

  • is an air bike model in which increasing the speed and intensity of training takes place by overcoming the air resistance generated in the circulator. Pedaling harder creates more resistance
  • is equipped with a failure-free drive system on a chain, which ensures a strong tension without jumps,
  • facilitates adapting the device settings to the height and individual needs of the exerciser with vertical and horizontal adjustment of the saddle,
  • it has movable steel arms, pedals and foot holders, which allows you to perform training to strengthen the upper and lower muscles simultaneously or separately,
  • is an extremely durable equipment for cardio training - a solid structure is made of the highest quality materials.

An exercise bike and elliptical cross trainer are one of the most popular fitness equipment which is used both at the gym and during home training. Among other things, they help to shape the figure, strengthen the muscles and improve the overall efficiency of the body. How about combining the advantages of both devices? Just get on the Spokey VECTOR air exercise bike, which combines all the best in cardio fitness equipment and allows you to strengthen the upper and lower muscles simultaneously or separately!


Increase the intensity of your training with the air resistance

The Spokey VECTOR air bike is a durable and solid model made of the highest quality materials, which uses air resistance to increase the intensity of the whole body training. How it's working? Increasing speed and force while pedaling increases the resistance produced in the circulator. So you can control the dynamics of the exercises by escalating the force used for training. The flywheel additionally creates natural cooling and airflow! Moreover, the drive system system of the VECTOR exercise bike is chain-based just like in professional heavy fitness equipment. Thanks to this, you can be sure of trouble-free operation and strong tension without jumps.

Create a gym at your own home

Spokey VECTOR is not an ordinary mechanical bike, magnetic bike or elliptical, which allows you to focus training on specific muscle groups - lower or upper, including the shoulder girdle, torso, legs or glutes. The VECTOR air bike gives you many more possibilities! It has movable steel arms, thanks to which you can strengthen all parts of the body simultaneously or separately during one exercise session. It is a unique mechanism that can provide users with high intensity, as well as allow for home interval and general development training.


Training adapted to your needs

One of the biggest advantages of stationary bikes is that they can be used by anyone, regardless of age and initial condition. The Spokey VECTOR air bike is equipped with a comfortable seat adjustment both vertically and horizontally, which additionally allows for optimal adaption of its settings to your height and individual needs. Thanks to this, every training at home is as comfortable as possible and turns into a total pleasure from unpleasant duty.

Your individual home trainer

The Spokey VECTOR air exercise bike is perfect for slimming the figure, modeling the abdominal muscles, strengthening the calves, thighs and more! It has 5 target programs and 1 with a trainer that allow both beginners and experienced athletes to train. It is a safe and proven way to improve your condition. Thanks to the console with a place for a phone or tablet, you can monitor your progress and current training on an ongoing basis, including time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, revolutions per minute (RPM) and power (WATT).

Technologies used:

  • SP FORCE: High durability of the equipment thanks to its solid construction and high-quality materials.
  • AIR POWER: Increasing the speed and pressure force by the exerciser increases the air resistance generated in the circulator. Pedaling harder creates more resistance. Extra: naturally cooling and blowing.
  • DARK LINE: Line of fitness equipment in dark tones. Dominant black and graphite will give your home gym an elegant, subdued look. Red accessories add an individual character to the devices.

Technical data:

  • type: air bike
  • flywheel diameter: 80 cm
  • type of resistance: air
  • regulation of resistance levels: smooth - depends on the force used during the training
  • measurements: time, speed, distance, calories, revolutions per minute (RPM), power (WATT)
  • maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • adjustable seat height: 80 - 97 cm
  • adjustable seat height from the pedal: 72 - 89 cm
  • dimensions: 125 x 68 x 129 cm
  • drive system: on a chain
  • fan: with wide and durable blades
  • frame: stable, made of high quality steel
  • transport wheels: yes
  • saddle: comfortable, horizontally and vertically adjustable
  • console with space for a phone or tablet
  • number of training programs: 5 target and 1 with a trainer
  • crank: 3-piece high quality crank
  • movable steel arms, pedals and foot holders - the ability to strengthen the upper and lower muscles simultaneously or separately
More Information
Typeair bike
Additional featurethree-piece crank, WATT control, adjustable seat, monitor with space for a phone or tablet, transport wheels, adjustable saddle vertically
Max user weight150 kg
Measurementtime, speed, distance, calories, RPM, power
Dimensions125 x 68 x 129 cm
Seat height80 - 97 cm
Seat height from the pedal in the lowest position72 cm
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