Electric treadmill with a set for massage and sit-ups Spokey TRANCE+

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The most important advantages:

  • innovative shock absorption system
  • hydraulic folding system
  • large console, built-in speakers, MP3 input
  • adjustable belt angle (15 degrees)
  • massage set and sit-ups holder
  • maximum speed up to 16 km/h
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Spokey TRANCE + treadmill:

  • has an innovative shock absorption system that allows you to adjust the hardness of the belt,
  • has as many as 12 different training programs and 1 manual user, with which you can adapt the rhythm and intensity of the run to your needs,
  • reaches speeds of up to 16 km/h,
  • it is equipped with a massage set that will help you relax or unwind your muscles after training and a special handle for sit-ups,
  • enables smooth, automatic adjustment of the belt inclination angle by 15 degrees,
  • with a hydraulic system, it folds itself and does not take up unnecessary space,
  • it has built-in speakers, a clear display and an MP3 input for even better training comfort.

You do not have to give up exercise due to unfavorable weather or an overcrowded gym. It is enough to use the Spokey TRANCE+ home electric treadmill, which combines excellent technical parameters and an elegant, subdued design, and at the same time does not take up unnecessary space. It has a number of amenities with which you can optimally adjust the intensity to your own needs, and each training will turn from an unpleasant duty into a real pleasure. What's more, TRANCE + is equipment equipped with a massage set that will help you relax after exercising or relax your muscles and a special handle for sit-ups! So you can exercise not only the lower but also the upper parts of the muscles, and at the same time slim the figure, improve the condition and achieve your dream form.

Innovations you will love

The Spokey TRANCE + electric treadmill is equipped with a refined, innovative shock absorption system. What does it mean in practice? It allows you to precisely adjust the treadmill hardness to the individual needs of the user. It is built on the basis of a slider, the shift of which enables optimal setting of the degree of shock absorption. The angle of the walking belt is also adjustable by 15 degrees. That is why anyone can exercise on it, regardless of age and initial condition - you can adapt all settings to your preferences. You will control the progress on a large, solid console with 12 pre-loaded training programs or you can set your own manually. The Spokey TRANCE + home treadmill has a built-in pulse sensor - so you do not need any additional devices to exercise safely and effectively. Additionally the maximum comfort of training is ensured by built-in speakers and an MP3 input, thanks to which your favorite music will accompany you.

Convenient home storage

The Spokey TRANCE + electric treadmill is a synonym of successful training, on your terms! It is a great alternative to running outside or in the gym - you exercise at home, at times that are right for you and whenever you want. After the training, the treadmill will fold by itself with a hydraulic folding system, and with built-in transport wheels, you can set it in a convenient place for you. Elegant, classic design makes TRANCE+ perfectly fit into any interior and will become the center of your home gym.

Technical data:

  • engine power: 2.0 HP
  • maximum speed: 16 km/h
  • maximum user weight: 110 kg
  • belt dimensions: 125 x 45 cm
  • device weight: 62,5 kg
  • treadmill dimensions: 164 x 72 x 140 cm
  • dimensions after folding: 98 x 72 x 140 cm
  • massage set with a handle for sit-ups
  • innovative cushioning system: the ability to adjust the hardness of the belt
  • automatic incline angle of the treadmill: 15 levels
  • heart rate measurement: yes
  • display: 5 '' LCD
  • number of training programs: 12 + 1 manual
  • built-in speaker: yes
  • MP3 input: yes
  • folding system: hydraulic
More Information
Additional featurespeakers, LCD display, MP3, massage set, manual program, depreciation
Absorptionan innovative system
Running belt size125 x 45 cm
Dimensions164 x 72 x 140 cm
Wymiar po złożeniu98 x 72 x 140 cm
Max user weight110 kg
Power2 HP
Number of training programs12 + manual
Slope angle15 degrees
Speed16 km/h
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