Electric treadmill Spokey TRACTUS

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The most important advantages:

  • maximum speed 22 km/h
  • maximum load 160 kg
  • innovative shock absorption system
  • 20 levels of the incline of the treadmill
  • 24 + 1 manual training programs
  • hydraulic folding system
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Spokey TRACTUS treadmill:

  • reaches a maximum speed of 22 km/h,
  • has 24 different training programs and 1 manual user, with which you can adjust the rhythm and intensity of the run to your needs,
  • can withstand loads up to 160 kg,
  • enables smooth, automatic adjustment of the belt inclination angle in 20 levels,
  • with a hydraulic system, it folds itself and does not take up unnecessary space,
  • it is equipped with a point shock absorption system during the run, which increases the safety of use and relieves the joints,
  • has a number of functionalities that make each training as comfortable and safe as possible: large LCD display, pulse measurement, built-in speakers and Bluetooth.

TRACTUS is the best gift you can give your health! After all, training on an electric treadmill is a proven, safe and, above all, effective way to lose weight and improve your condition. It is an excellent alternative to running outside or training in the gym - you exercise at home and, above all, at times that are right for you. And after training with a hydraulic folding system, the Spokey TRACTUS electric treadmill will fold itself!

Your individual trainer

The Spokey TRACTUS treadmill is a synonym of successful training on your terms. It has as many as 24 training programs and one manual, which will help you choose the level and intensity of training to your needs without any problems. But this is just one of the endless technological advancements of ultra-modern equipment. TRACTUS reaches a maximum speed of 22 km/h with an engine power of 5,5 HP and a load of 160 kg. With such a home treadmill, you do not need to go to the gym or leave the apartment to take care of your figure and achieve a perfect form. TRACTUS also allows you to choose 20 different levels of inclination of the treadmill belt, which allows you to perform ascents important for the development of running strength. 

Innovations you will love

The Spokey TRACTUS treadmill is the perfect choice for everyone who appreciates the highest quality topped with an elegant, subdued design. It will fit perfectly into any apartment and will give your home gym an individual character. This equipment is designed to make the exercises safe, effective and as comfortable as possible. It has an improved, 8-point shock absorption system and two cushions that dampen vibrations while running, thus reducing the strain on the joints. Thanks to the built-in pulse measurement, you can monitor your training on an ongoing basis. Spokey TRACTUS will help you shape your stomach, slim down and strengthen your calves, buttocks and thighs, improve the condition and efficiency of the respiratory system.

Comfortable home training

What distinguishes Spokey TRACTUS is primarily a very large, solid console with a 6 'monitor, thanks to which you will not be bored - Bluetooth connection and speakers allow you to listen to your favorite songs during training. You can also use a relaxing audiobook!

Technical data:

  • engine power: 3,5 HP
  • DC motor: max 5.5 HP motor power
  • maximum speed: 22 km / h
  • maximum user weight: 160 kg
  • belt dimensions: 145 x 54.5 cm
  • device weight: 94 kg
  • treadmill dimensions: 188 x 88 x 138 cm
  • dimensions after folding: 148 x 88 x 145 cm
  • large solid structure
  • shock absorption system: 8 points and two large cushions
  • folding system: hydraulic
  • heart rate measurement: yes
  • automatic incline angle of the treadmill: 20 levels
  • number of training programs: 24 + 1 manual
  • monitor: 6 '' LCD
  • speakers: yes
  • Bluetooth: yes
More Information
Additional featurespeakers, bluetooth, heart rate measurement, LCD display, hydraulic folding system, big console, manual program, the possibility of folding, depreciation
Absorption8 points + 2 pillows
Running belt size145 x 55 cm
Dimensions188 x 88 x 138 cm
Wymiar po złożeniu148 x 88 x 145 cm
Max user weight160 kg
Power3,5 HP
Number of training programs24 + manual
Slope angle20 degrees
Speed22 km/h
Weight package94 kg
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