Horizontal magnetic bike Spokey SPECUS

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The most important advantages:

  • the safest training for the spine
  • adjustment of the saddle settings to the user's height
  • safe deceleration system
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Spokey SPECUS magnetic bike:

  • allows you to train in the safest position for the spine (reclining), without any burden related to your own weight,
  • enables optimal adjustment of the settings to the user's own needs and height with an adjustable distance between the seat and the pedals,
  • is equipped with a system of safe deceleration, i.e. smooth slowing down of rotations when finishing the training,
  • has a 6 kg flywheel,
  • monitors heart rate, work time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned and total mileage.

With the Spokey SPECUS horizontal magnetic bike you will improve your condition, burn calories and strengthen your muscles. This is the highest-class cardio equipment that has been designed to take the most comfortable position for exercise, while allowing you to train without any burden related to your own weight. It allows you to ride in the safest position for your spine, i.e. in a reclining position. That is why it is a great choice for experienced athletes, seniors, people with obesity, as well as for rehabilitation and injuries! A comfortable saddle ensures maximum comfort during exercise.

Safe exercises without straining your spine

Spokey SPECUS is an ergonomic, top-class horizontal stationary bike, which, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, modern technological solutions and unique design, will make every workout a pleasure. Its parameters allow you to freely adapt the settings to the current form and individual needs. SPECUS has the ability to adjust the distance of the seat from the pedals, so it will be perfect for people of all sizes. With extra space for a phone or tablet, you can exercise at the same time and watch your favorite series, movies or listen to music. You will control the effects of training using a large console that displays training time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, pulse and total mileage.

Exceptional comfort during exercise

The Spokey SPECUS magnetic exercise bike is distinguished by many amenities compared to standard models, which affects the quality, comfort and effectiveness of exercises. Its resistance can be controlled with an 8-step adjustment, so whether you are just starting training or you are an experienced athlete, you can adjust the intensity to your expectations and current condition. Another advantage of the Spokey SPECUS stationary bike is the automatic braking system of the flywheel, which allows for gradual and effective reduction of speed when finishing the training.

Made for home training

Spokey SPECUS is an ideal alternative to outdoor and gym training. With it, you can exercise whenever you want - at times that are right for you and regardless of the weather. It works very quietly, and it will fit perfectly into any interior. It will give your room an elegant, sober look and make your gym complete.

Technical data:

  • type: horizontal bike
  • flywheel weight: 6 kg
  • type of resistance: magnetic
  • number of resistance levels: 8, manual
  • measurements: scan, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, total mileage
  • maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • dimensions: 145 x 65.5 x 114 cm
  • seat: large, comfortable with a backrest
  • adjustable distance of the seat from the pedals
  • heart rate measurement: yes
  • freewheel: a system that slowly slows down the handwheel rotation when you finish your workout
  • monitor: large, with space for a phone or tablet
More Information
Typemagnetic, horizontal
Additional featureheart rate measurement, Optimized Power technology, adjustable seat, monitor with space for a phone or tablet, freewheel, seat with backrest
Max user weight120 kg
Waga koła zamachowego6 kg
Measurementscan, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, total Mileage
Dimensions145 x 65,5 x 114 cm
Resistance adjustment steps8 manual
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