Cork yoga mat Spokey SAVASANA

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The most important advantages:

  • made of natural cork - part of the ECO FRIENDLY line
  • it does not absorb moisture and sweat, making it easy to clean
  • non-slip and excellent shock absorption during exercises
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Spokey SAVASANA yoga mat:

  • it is made of natural cork, thanks to which it does not absorb moisture and sweat and is very easy to clean,
  • provides excellent anti-slip and shock absorption during exercise,
  • was created for the safe and peaceful practice of yoga.

Spokey SAVASANA is a unique mat made of natural cork, which provides maximum comfort during each yoga meeting. Thanks to its thickness (0,4 cm), it prevents from slipping on the surface and provides excellent shock absorption and safety during exercise. It is the best assistant in mastering the correct performance of asanas and in perfecting the ability to control the position of the body.

Excellent shock absorption and mat thickness

SAVASANA was made with a view to the lovers of details. Beautiful design combined with the materials used will make the Spokey yoga mat your favorite. Natural cork is the best possible material! Why? It provides excellent adhesion, does not absorb sweat and moisture, does not cause allergies and has antibacterial properties. Moreover, it makes the mat very easy to care for and clean - just wipe the mat with a damp cloth to get rid of dirt from its surface.

Calm and safe yoga practice

The most important feature of the Spokey SAVASANA cork mat is its anti-slip properties - you will feel confident and safe during exercises. Using it helps in correct positioning and gives stability and balance. It was created for the practice of yoga, which helps you calm down, distract yourself from everyday duties, reduces stress and introduces peace. The Spokey SAVASANA natural cork mat will also be an excellent choice for everyday exercises, pilates and physiotherapy.

Technical data:

  • material: cork + TPE
  • size: 183 x 61 x 0,4 cm
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