Trekking poles 115-135 cm Spokey QUICK

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The most important advantages:

  • one motion to fold them out
  • 40 cm when folded
  • lightweight, compact trekking poles
  • convenient length adjustment
  • ergonomic handles made of soft EVA foam
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Spokey QUICK trekking poles:

  • have an ultra-fast unfolding system - one move is enough to connect all segments of the pole and be ready for trekking,
  • are made of four segments, which are only 40 cm long when folded, which makes them extremely convenient to transport,
  • are equipped with soft and ergonomic handles made of EVA foam, which increase the shock absorption of shocks transmitted to the hands,
  • allow you to adjust the length in the range of 115-135 cm without removing the gloves,
  • together they weigh only 520 g.

Spokey QUICK trekking poles are an ultra-modern model designed for demanding mountain trails. Provides full support during the trip! Extremely durable, and at the same time light structure, ultra-fast folding and folding system, the possibility of adjustment and many improvements make QUICK perfect for trekking enthusiasts.

Can be unfolded in one motion

QUICK are the most compact and practical trekking poles, which have a unique structure - they are made of four segments connected with lines. Such a system makes the poles not only stiff and working perfectly, but most of all they can be set up with one move in literally a few seconds. Just pull out the top segment until it locks and… it's ready! You don't have to fold anything, twist or tighten anything. With one movement, all the elements of the pole will connect thanks to the tension on the line and they will be ready for the hike. Such a mechanism also allows for comfortable transport of QUCIK trekking poles - when folded, they are only 40 cm long, which, with a weight of 520 g, means that you can always have them with you. They can easily fit into any backpack.

For true mountain lovers

QUICK is not only a unique fast unfolding system. The links in the connections of the segments are surrounded by plastic, which makes the poles stay stiff and work perfectly, relieving the joints and the spine. What's more, QUICK have easy and convenient length adjustment using an external fastening - a lever. It has been designed to allow you to adjust the length of the poles in all weather conditions, without the need to take off the gloves! Trekking poles are adjustable in the range of 115 - 135 cm, so you can perfectly adjust the length of the pole to your individual needs.

Technology tailored to your needs

With the safety and comfort of trekking in mind, the Spokey QUICK poles are made of the highest quality materials (aluminum 7075), which increases the strength and resistance of the poles, while maintaining their low weight (520 g). Comfortable, ergonomic EVA handles do not slip out of the hands, are soft and pleasant to the touch, and increase the shock absorption of shocks transmitted to the hands. They are topped with FastFit adjustable straps, allowing you to adapt the length for the user's convenience.

Trekking with passion

QUICK is a model that will meet your expectations, will be reliable and will provide you with comfortable use during short walks or long hikes. Trekking poles will be the best choice for mountain trips, as they provide a comfortable support for difficult ascents and descents. They have arrowheads with increased resistance that enable walking on a demanding surface. The set includes tips with a shock-absorbing effect, which protect the tips while walking on hard ground (e.g. concrete, asphalt) and prevent the stick from slipping on various surfaces.

Technical data:

  • material: aluminum 7075
  • number of sections: 4
  • handle: EVA foam
  • strap adjustment: fast (FastFit)
  • pole section clasp: external (metal)
  • arrowhead: widium
  • plate: removable
  • weight (2 sticks): 520 g
  • length: 115-135 cm
  • length after folding: 40 cm
  • additionally: rubber tips for poles
More Information
Additional featuresfolding, additional tips
Pasek przy rączceFast Fit
Materiał rączekEVA
Locking mechanismexternal
Material7075 aluminum
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