Bike helmet with light Spokey POINTER SPEED

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Key benefits:

  • LED lighting
  • additional chin protection for improved comfort when fastening
  • excellent head and forehead protection
  • HeadLock adjustment: 55-58 cm
  • a windscreen for protection against rain, wind, sun and insects FREE OF CHARGE
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Bike helmet Spokey POINTER SPEED:

  • was built with In-Mould technology, which means an increased number of ventilation holes and a reduction in the weight of the helmet while maintaining its strength,
  • is equipped with LED lighting charged by USB (included),
  • has 13 ventilation holes, which perfectly cope with the removal of excess heat even during very intensive cycling,
  • has an inner layer of EPS foam, which not only absorbs the impact force during a fall, but also cushions the vibration resulting from riding on uneven ground
  • has an additional chin protection at the clasp for improved wearing comfort,
  • with a FREE protective visor that protects your eyes from wind, water, strong sun and shields from flying insects when riding fast.

Regardless of the experience of rollerblading, biking, inline skating, scooter or skateboarding, everyone is prone to falls and injuries. That's why we should always wear a helmet to protect us from dangerous injuries. The POINTER SPPED provides complete protection for the head with special emphasis on the occiput and forehead, and does not add unnecessary weight, since it weighs only 250 g! This helmet is made for cycling - with it you will be as safe as possible on the road. Thanks to the special USB rechargeable LED light, you will be visible anytime, anywhere, even at night.

Lightweight and durable helmet with lighting

Bike helmet Spokey POINTER SPEED provides protection for the head and is practically unnoticeable, because it weighs only 250 g. Its inner layer is made of EPS foam, which perfectly absorbs vibrations resulting from riding on uneven surfaces and absorbs the impact force during falls. The POINTER SPEED bike helmet is CE certified, which means that it has passed all necessary safety tests. However, apart from maximum protection, it also ensures the comfort of riding thanks to as many as 13 ventilation holes, which perfectly deal with the removal of excess heat, even during very intensive effort.

Excellent head protection and wearing comfort

Men's and women's Spokey POINTER SPEED helmet has comfortable Head Lock regulation system (depending on the selected size in the range of 55-58 cm or 58-61 cm), with which you don't have to worry about adjusting it to your head circumference. Using a safety buckle makes it easy to fasten and unfasten without loosening the straps, and an additional lock allows you to permanently adjust the proportions and length of the attachment. What's more, there is additional chin protection at the buckle, which also makes the helmet more comfortable to wear.

Made in In-Mould technology

Spokey POINTER SPEED bike helmet is a great choice for cycling, but it is also perfect for other sport activities. It was built with In-Mould technology. What does it mean? It is a solid connection of shells made of polycarbonates with the helmet's EPS construction. It allows to design more ventilation holes and reduce the weight of the helmet, while maintaining its strength. Thanks to that Spokey POINTER SPEED helmet with lights perfectly manages ventilation even during extremely intensive riding.

Protective glass FREE

Additional protective glass mounted with magnets is a solution that will make your riding even safer and more comfortable, even in difficult weather conditions! Its task is to shield your eyes from the rain, strong wind and sun rays. The visor also protects against flying insects!

Technical data:

  • adjustment: head lock
  • USB rechargeable LED light
  • outer shell: PC/EPS, In-mould
  • number of vents: 13
  • additional chin protection for better comfort when zipping up
  • weight: 250 g
  • excellent protection for the temple and forehead
  • certification: CE
  • size 55-58
  • free windscreen
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