Electric treadmill Spokey MOVENA

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The most important advantages:

  • maximum speed 18 km/h
  • can be stored horizontally or vertically, flat
  • Bluetooth, MP3 input, large speakers, dedicated application
  • innovative shock absorption system relieving the joints
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Spokey MOVENA treadmill:

  • reaches speeds of up to 18 km/h,
  • provides excellent shock absorption with the innovative S.A.S. (Shock Absorption System) 6-point, which reduces the load on the joints,
  • it can be folded and stored vertically and horizontally flat, thanks to which it will fit in any apartment and does not take up unnecessary space when not in use,
  • has been equipped with Bluetooth, which allows you to connect to the dedicated FITSHOW application, which gives you even more training options and data on your progress,
  • has as many as 12 different training programs and additional: 3 user programs, 3 HRC programs, Body FAT and manual, with which you can adjust the rhythm and intensity of the run to your needs,
  • has 12 different degrees of belt inclination,
  • will make every training as pleasant as possible - with large speakers and MP3 input you can practice with your favorite music. 

The Spokey MOVENA treadmill is an indispensable device at home gym. With it, you do not have to give up training due to unfavorable weather. It is a great alternative to running outside or at the gym - you exercise at home, at times that suit you and with your favorite music. Finally, MOVENA was equipped with Bluetooth, MP3 input and large speakers. What's more, it has an innovative S.A.S. (Shock Absorption System) 6-point, which damps vibrations while running, thus reducing the strain on the joints. And after the training is over, it can be folded and set with transport wheels in a convenient place, horizontally flat or vertically, so it does not take up space in the apartment, but will be its decoration and the center of your home gym.

Safe and comfortable training at home

To achieve optimal training results, it is necessary to be able to regulate the speed (maximum 18 km/h). The MOVENA electric treadmill has 12 pre-set training programs for both beginners and advanced athletes, which helps to diversify your daily running. But it is not everything! Additional 3 user programs, 3 HRC programs (enable training with the target heart rate), Body FAT (fat burning program) and manual allow you to optimally adjust the intensity of the run to your current form and individual needs. You can also choose from 12 different levels of the incline of the walking belt and make the ascents important for the development of running strength without leaving your home. You can follow all parameters on LED displays. 

Store vertically or horizontally flat

The Spokey MOVENA treadmill is the perfect choice for everyone who appreciates the highest quality topped with an elegant, subdued design. It will fit perfectly into any apartment and will give your home gym an individual character. This equipment is designed to make the exercises safe, effective and as comfortable as possible, and when we finish them, not to take up unnecessary space. This is why it has a unique foldability - it can be stored horizontally or vertically, flat! Built-in transport wheels make it easy to carry the equipment. Thanks to them, you can easily move the Spokey MOVENA treadmill to the selected place.

Connect the treadmill with a dedicated app

MOVENA is a modern home treadmill that has an intuitive device control panel with a large space for a tablet or phone. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your favorite music or movies while exercising. What's more, it is equipped with large speakers, MP3 input and Bluetooth, which allows, among other things, to connect to the dedicated Fitshow application, which provides even more training possibilities and data on your progress. The treadmill also has a built-in pulse sensor - so you do not need additional devices to exercise safely and effectively.

Technical data:

  • engine power: 2,5 HP
  • maximum speed: 18 km/h
  • maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • belt dimensions: 130 x 46 cm
  • device weight: 59 kg
  • treadmill dimensions: 160 x 74 x 132 cm
  • foldable: yes
  • dimensions after folding: 160 x 74 x 43 cm
  • can be stored horizontally or vertically, flat
  • automatic incline angle of the treadmill: 12 levels
  • number of training programs: 12 + 3 user programs, 3 HRC programs (enable training with the target heart rate), Body FAT (fat burning program) and a manual program
  • possibility to connect with the Fitshow application
  • speakers: large
  • MP3 input
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • heart rate measurement: yes
  • innovative 6-point SAS cushioning system
More Information
Additional featurespeakers, bluetooth, heart rate measurement, user program, HRC program, BODY FAT program
Running belt size130 x 46 cm
Dimensions160 x 74 x 132 cm
Wymiar po złożeniu160 x 74 x 43 cm
Max user weight120 kg
Power2,5 HP
Number of training programs12
Slope angle12 degrees
Speed18 km/h
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