Children's helmet Spokey FUN

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Children's helmet Spokey FUN:

  • was created to ensure children's safety and head protection while riding a bike, skateboard, scooter and inline skates,
  • has a convenient Head Lock size regulation, which allows to adjust the helmet to the child's head circumference,
  • weighs only 200 g, so it is not an unnecessary burden,
  • absorbs the impact force during a fall and perfectly absorbs vibrations while riding on uneven ground,
  • it is equipped with 6 ventilation holes topped with a mesh screen protecting against insects, thanks to which the child feels maximum comfort while riding.

Skating is incredibly exciting, so safety really matter! This is extremely important not only when learning to skate, which is associated with failed attempts and accidental falls, but also when we have more experience. After all, anyone can fall - on inline skates, rollerblades, a bike or a scooter. To minimize the risk of abrasions and injuries, remember to wear a helmet. Spokey FUN helmet provides absolute protection for children - it protects against dangerous injuries that can happen during learning or dynamic riding.

Take care of your child's safety

Children's helmet Spokey FUN is CE certified and meets EN1078 standard, which means it has passed all necessary safety tests. It provides excellent head protection, with particular emphasis on the occiput and forehead. If your child is starting his/her skating adventure, the FUN children's helmet will be the best choice, as it is extremely light (it weighs only 200 g) and does not constitute an unnecessary burden. It has a very convenient Head Lock adjustment system, which allows you to adapt it to the size of the child's head.

Ultralight helmet with ventilation

Children's bicycle helmet Spokey FUN is designed for children's safety and head protection while riding a bike, skateboard, inline skates and scooters. It is constructed of safe and lightweight materials. Its inner layer is made of EPS foam, which perfectly absorbs vibrations resulting from riding on uneven surfaces and absorbs the impact force during falls. The use of a buckle makes it easy to fasten and unfasten without having to loosen the straps. What's more, Spokey FUN children's helmet is equipped with 6 ventilation holes topped with a mesh that protects against insects, so your child feels maximum comfort while riding! That's why it's the perfect choice for starting a sports adventure.


  • adjustment: Head Lock
  • outer layer: PVC
  • inner layer: EPS
  • number of ventilation holes: 6 + mesh
  • quick fastening under the neck
  • weight: 200 (+/- 10) g
  • protection for occiput and forehead
  • certification: CE, EN 1078
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Type of helmetbike
Additional featureheadlock system
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