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The most important advantages:

  • it is not a burden
  • built in Out-Mold technology
  • quality and safety
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Spokey FREFALL BMX helmet:

  • was created for the sake of safety and protection of the head while cycling, BMX, skateboarding, riding a scooter or inline skating,
  • weighs only 360-400 g: it is ultra-light, thanks to which it is not a burden,
  • it was built in the Out-Mold technology, which means that the outer and inner shells are not permanently connected to each other. The advantage of this solution is the mobility of the outer shell, which effectively dissipates the impact force, which is then cushioned by the foam,
  • it is equipped with a layer of EPS foam, which not only absorbs the impact force during a fall, but also perfectly absorbs vibrations resulting from riding on uneven ground.

NERF is not only children's favorite toys such as pistols, launchers and other accessories. It is also Spokey skating products that joined the exciting world of the youngest! Together, we create a set full of fantastic fun crowned with maximum safety while riding. Begin your adventure with the necessary equipment such as a helmet that protects your head against potential injuries. Spokey FREFALL is the perfect choice, because it was made in the Out-Mold technology, thanks to which it not only effectively disperses the impact force, but also is ultra-light and perfectly ventilates - it copes with the discharge of excess heat even during very intense effort.

Built in Out Mold technology - perfectly protects the head

Learning tricks and jumps is associated with many unsuccessful attempts to land. Therefore, performing acrobatics requires ensuring that when taking risks, we remain protected against possible injuries. The outer and inner shells of Spokey FREEFALL women's and men's helmets are not permanently connected to each other. The advantage of this solution is the mobility of the outer shell, which effectively dissipates the impact force, which is then cushioned by the foam. Thanks to this, the head is perfectly protected against damage. No matter if you are walking on the street, on concrete or gravel, the Spokey FREEFALL helmet absorbs vibrations thanks to the inner layer of EPS foam.

Ultralight BMX helmet

Spokey FREEFALL is a BMX helmet that is CE certified and complies with the EN1078 standard, which means that it has passed all the necessary safety tests. Thanks to the Head Lock adjustment, which allows the helmet to be optimally adapted to the user, it will be perfect for both young and adult users. The use of a safe buckle makes it easy to fasten and unfasten it without having to loosen the straps, and an additional lock allows you to permanently adjust the proportions and length of the fastening. Importantly, the Spokey FREEFALL bicycle helmet is extremely light, which means that it does not burden the head.

Increased number of vents

Safety while riding a bike, skateboard, inline skates, roller skates or scooters is the basis. After all, falls can happen to anyone - whether while learning or when you are an experienced skater. The Spokey FREEFALL BMX helmet, in addition to its excellent protective properties, has a very large number of vents, which are perfect for dissipating excess heat even during very intense exercise. You will feel maximum comfort in all conditions!

Technical data:

  • adjustment: Head Lock
  • outer shell: PC, Out-mold
  • inner layer: black EPS
  • weight: 360 - 400 g
  • quick fastening under the neck
  • perfect protection of the head and forehead
  • certificate: CE, EN 1078
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