Bike gloves for men Spokey EXPERT

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Key benefits:

  • prevent unpleasant chafing and sores,
  • shock-absorbing, moisture-wicking, air-permeable,
  • maximizes control and steering feel,
  • ideal for biking and scootering,
  • specially designed thumb to wick away sweat.
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Bike gloves for men Spokey EXPERT

  • provide comfort while holding the handlebar, preventing unpleasant abrasions and corns,
  • shock absorbing, moisture wicking and air permeable,
  • non-slip - maximizes control and steering feel,
  • have a specially designed thumb to wick away sweat with a special design to prevent pressure on the skin,
  • have adjustable vectro closure strap,
  • are equipped with finger hooks for easy removal.

Every bicycle enthusiast knows how important it is to wear gloves when riding. They provide comfort for the hands and prevent unpleasant corns and abrasions. What's more, they give you better grip and traction so your hands don't slip, maximizing control and feel of the handlebars. Spokey EXPERT men's bike gloves are made from durable, multi-section synthetic leather with a moisture-wicking, stretchable top layer topped with mesh inserts for optimal breathability and comfort at the same time.

Specialized bike gloves

Men's EXPERT bike gloves are ideal for biking and scooter riding. They have special gel pads to absorb vibrations and increase comfort while holding the handlebars. Their inner part is topped with non-slip silicone prints. This gives you full control over your bike!

Maximum riding comfort

Spokey EXPERT bike gloves have adjustable vectro closure strap, which allows for easy and optimal fit to your hand. They are also comfortable to put on and take off thanks to finger clips. The specialized thumb cut prevents pressure on the skin. What's more, it's made of moisture-absorbing terry towel, so it's ideal for wiping away sweat.

Ensure comfort and safety

Exceptional functionality, distinctive colors and modern solutions make men's gloves Spokey EXPERT ideal for both bicycle and scooter. They make a perfect set with Spokey SINGLETRAIL helmet of the same color. Remember that bike helmet is very important while riding - it protects your head from potential injuries. They look great together!

Technical data:

  • material: durable, multi-section synthetic leather
  • maximizes control and steering feel
  • stretch top layer with mesh inserts
  • wicks away moisture and provides optimal breathability
  • specialized thumb cut prevents pressure on the skin
  • premium shock-absorbing gel
  • silicone print with non-slip function
  • terry towelling thumb to wipe off perspiration
  • easy glove removal with finger clips
  • vectro adjustable closure strap
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