Self-inflating mat Spokey COUCH

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Self-inflating hiking mat, made of high-quality materials. It provides great protection against cold ground and maximum thermal insulation. Thanks to its waterproof coating the mat can be successfully used even in harsh conditions.
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Spokey COUCH self-inflating mat:

  • inflates automatically - just open the valve and its inside will be filled with air,
  • has a very high level of heat insulation (R-Value 5.0), therefore it perfectly protects against cold surfaces, even in extreme weather conditions,
  • is an extremely large (200 x 66 cm) and thick (5 cm) mat, which is the perfect choice for people looking for an alternative to classic, thin sleeping pads and air mattresses.

Every fan of camping knows that a self-inflating mat is a perfect replacement for classic, thin sleeping pads, which do not always provide sufficient sleeping comfort and insulation from the ground, as well as annoying mattresses that you have to inflate yourself. Choosing a self-inflating mat and at the same offering ultimate comfort and excellent protection against the cold ground, even in extreme weather conditions, can be an essential to a successful overnight out in the field.

Perfect insulation from the cold ground

Spokey COUCH is both a very large and comfortable self-inflating mat with R-Value 5.0 heat insulation. What does it mean? It is extremely effective in reducing heat loss during the chilly nights and provides an excellent insulation layer against the cold ground. With it, you will achieve comfort similar to rest in your own bed, even in winter! All this thanks to the use of the best quality materials. Spokey COUCH will make you feel comfortable wherever you are! It is very large (200 x 66 cm) and thick (5 cm), so it can also be successfully used by very tall people.

Self-inflating tourist mat

The Spokey COUCH tourist mat inflates automatically! It is enough to open the valve and its inside will be filled with air. This allows you to save a lot of time and strength which is often necessary during long trips, weekend trips or mountain adventures. Say goodbye to large, bulky mattresses with pumps and replace them with the self-inflating COUCH, which when folded takes up little space (67 x 17 cm) and saves space for other essential outdoor accessories. Perfect for camping trips!


Technical data:

  • material: PEACH Polyester
  • weight: 2100 g
  • R-Value: 5.0
  • filling: PU
  • dimensions: 200 x 66 x 5 cm
  • dimensions after folding: 67 x 17 cm
  • self-inflating mat
  • cover included
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