Set of Spokey BUFFER protection pads

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The protective pads are made of light material. Its low weight ensures convenience during physical activity. Velcro fastening is comfortable and at the same time very durable.

The set includes:

2x pads for the knees,

2x pads for the wrists,

2x  pads for the elbows.

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Spokey BUFFER a set of protective pads

  • are 3 double elements made of light material that protect the child's elbows, wrists and knees while riding a scooter, roller skates, inline skates, ice skates or skateboards,
  • has a flexible velcro fastening, which allows for optimal size adjustment to the needs of a young skater,
  • is anatomically shaped for maximum freedom of movement.

Riding a scooter, inline skates or skateboard is not only great fun for children! First of all, it is unusual emotions and achieving high speeds, which are often accompanied by mistakes. It especially concerns the beginners and may end up with falls and injuries. That is why you should take care of yours and your children's safety. In order to minimize the risk of abrasions and injuries, it is worth remembering to wear appropriate pads. The Spokey BUFFER set provides comprehensive protection for young skaters in the form of knee, elbow and wrist protection.

Take care of the child's safety

A set of Spokey BUFFER protective pads is an irreplaceable element of equipment for every young scooter user and lovers of inline skating, roller skating, ice skating or skateboarding. It consists of 3 double elements made of light material, which ensures their low weight and at the same time comfort during activity and maximum freedom of movement. BUFFER have an anatomical shape that perfectly fits the child's knees, elbows and wrists. They are equipped with comfortable and durable velcro fastening on elastic straps, which can be freely adjusted to the needs of the child. Thanks to this solution, the protectors do not slip off and always remain at place. The youngest will be able to do this without any problems, especially those who have not yet mastered tying shoelaces.

Optimal fit, breathable material, profiled shape

Skating is accompanied by unusual emotions, so you should remember about the safety of children. A set of Spokey BUFFER protective pads allows you to focus on having fun! Moreover, it is very convenience and does not restrict movement - thanks to the appropriate profiling, it easily adapts to the shape of the body and adheres well to it. The soft stuffing not only ensures comfort of use, but also lets air to pass through, which allows the skin to breathe. Thanks to the fancy, juicy colors, Spokey BUFFER knee, wrists and elbows pads will be the perfect complement to the equipment of a young skater.

Size chart







24 - 28 cm

19 - 22 cm

20 - 22 cm

11 - 13 cm


26 - 30 cm

21 - 24 cm

21 - 23 cm

14 - 16 cm


29 - 34 cm

22 - 26 cm

22 - 24 cm

16,5 - 18,5 cm

Technical data

  • set of elbow, knee and wrist pads
  • material: polyester, 5mm EVA foam, PP
  • stuffing: 2 mm
  • fastened on elastic straps with velcro
  • user weight: 25 - 50 kg
More Information
Materialfoam, polyester, EVA
Additional featuresadjustable straps, moisture wicking, breathable
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