Full-face mask for diving Spokey BARDO

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The Spokey BARDO surface mask has a camera holder, which you can put on at any time to film your underwater adventures.
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An innovative system that allows you to dive even deeper!

Snorkeling is a sport that involves floating on the surface of the water with a submerged face in order to observe underwater life.

Diving #inSpokeyStyle

The Spokey BARDO full-face mask for diving was created for everyone who loves the underwater world and its magical fauna and flora. Thanks to it, you can comfortably admire the beauty of the waters at close range. Fullmask for diving BARDO was created for the most demanding users and enthusiasts of underwater adventures. The highest quality materials guarantee safety under water, ensure long and satisfactory use. Its shape and silicone skirt, which is very easy to suck in, perfectly fits the face, and thanks to the large, flat glass, the perspective width and visibility under water increases.

Innovative system that allows you to dive even deeper!

The front part of the Spokey BARDO full-face mask is made of silicone. Thanks to this procedure, you can easily equalize the pressure in the ears, and this allows you to dive even deeper!

The mask is complemented by a straight, foldable snorkel made of the best quality, fully sealed, with two locking valves and two channels for inhalation and exhalation. This solution prevents water from getting into the mask while diving. The valves automatically rise when the entire mask is submerged under the water surface, blocking access to the fullmask. Importantly, the warm air we breathe while swimming flows out to the outside, thanks to which the glasses in the full-face mask do not evaporate.

Spokey surface masks were made using the latest technologies. They are perfectly sealed, which actually completely excludes possibility of water leaking into the interior. To be completely safe, there is a valve in the front of the mask that allows unwanted fluid to be blown out. This makes the use of Spokey masks always safe!

Remember magical moments with the camera holder

Souvenir from holidays? Record a video! The Spokey BARDO surface mask has a camera holder, which you can put on at any time to film your underwater adventures.

The set includes a mesh cover and a reusable bag that protects the mask against sand and salt.


To care for the mask, rinse it under running water after you come out of salt or chlorinated water.

Diving mask

High-quality materials from which the mask is made guarantee its long life. The shape of the mask ensures a perfect fit to the face, and the large glasses ensure perfect visibility and a wide field of view. Innovative system - the front part of the mask is made of silicone, thanks to which you can easily equalize the pressure in the ears. With BARDO you can dive even deeper.


With two valves, made of the highest quality materials.

Product designation

Recreational diving

More Information
Belt adjustmentyes, flexible
Materiał kołnierza i paskasilicon
Additional featuresfolding pipe, pipe with bottom valve, full face mask, mask with an elastic band, mask with camera holder
Typefor adults
Fast materialPC
Materiał ramyPC
Tube shapestraight
Viewing anglefull 180 degrees
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