Elliptical trainer with adjustable stride length Spokey ALEAR

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The most important advantages:

  • magnetic resistance with eight-step, manual adjustment
  • OPTIMIZED POWER technology
  • adjusting the stride length to the user's needs
  • heart rate measurement
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Spokey ALEAR elliptical trainer:

  • is equipped with an 8 kg flywheel which, thanks to the OPTIMIZED POWER technology, works like a 10 kg wheel,
  • allows you to adjust the stride length to the user's needs and type of training,
  • it has a large display with which you can monitor exercise time, distance, calories burned, total mileage and pulse.
  • gives the possibility of manual, 8-step adjustment of the magnetic resistance.

Training on an elliptical trainer corresponds to exercises on a stationary bike and treadmill, but due to the design of the device, it puts less strain on the joints. Thanks to this, it can be used by both enthusiasts of intensive physical training, as well as seniors or people undergoing rehabilitation. It is the perfect choice for those who do not like to exercise in pouring rain or at the full gym. The Spokey ALEAR elliptical cross trainer with 8-step adjustment of the 8-kg flywheel, which works like a 10 kg wheel, allows you to adjust the exercises to the current condition, individual needs or training plan.


Adapt the stride length to your needs

The Spokey ALEAR magnetic elliptical trainer is a large structure made of the highest quality materials, which will be perfect for home exercises. It is an excellent device for general condition improvement, fat reduction and an increase in the body's efficiency. The magnetic resistance with eight-step manual adjustment ensures smooth and quiet operation of the elliptical cross trainer. ALEAR also allows you to measure exercise time, distance traveled, calories burned and total mileage. Adjustable stride length (3-step) allows you to adapt the training on the device to your own needs, height and age.


Safe and comfortable training with pulse measurement

The unique design makes the cross trainer fit into any room. This is a proposal for everyone who dreams of their own individual gym. The Spokey ALEAR elliptical trainer is a guarantee of a successful training, which will become a pleasure, not a chore! We know how important it is to control your pulse when exercising at home, which is why measurement sensors have been placed on the handles of the Spokey ALEAR home trainer, with which you will be able to monitor your heart rate on an ongoing basis.


Technologies used:

  • WINDSTEP: the ability to adjust the length of the stride to the needs of the user and training.
  • TOTAL WORK: modern design and applied technology increase the efficiency of the flywheel.
  • DARK LINE: line of fitness equipment in dark tones. Dominant black and graphite will give your home gym an elegant, subdued look. Red accessories add an individual character to the devices.

Technical data:

  • flywheel weight: 8 kg
  • measurements: scan, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, total mileage
  • type of resistance: magnetic
  • number of resistance levels: 8, manual
  • dimensions: 129 x 62 x 155 cm
  • maximum user weight: 130 kg
  • stride length: adjustable (3 settings)
  • feet spacing: min. 20 cm
  • large, solid structure made of high-quality materials
  • heart rate measurement: yes
  • high-quality crank (3 pieces)
  • OPTIMIZED POWER technology: the flywheel works like a 10 kg wheel
More Information
Waga koła zamachowego8 kg
Rozstaw stópmin. 20 cm
Dimensions129 x 62 x 155 cm
Max user weight130 kg
Measurementscan, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, total Mileage
Resistance adjustment steps8 manual
Stride lengthAdjustable, 33 cm, 38 cm, 43 cm
Additional featureheart rate measurement, Optimized Power technology, three-piece crank, step length adjustment
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