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Spokey BOJKO Diving set: mask + snorkel + fins designed for juniors
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Admiring the beauty of the underwater world and its magical flora and fauna can be difficult without specialized equipment. The masks and snorkels for diving were created especially for enthusiasts of underwater adventures! Thanks to them, practicing snorkeling, which is a sport that involves floating on the surface of the water with a submerged face in order to observe underwater life, will jump to an even higher level.

The mask provides even better visibility

The Spokey BOJKO diving mask is made of the highest quality materials that guarantee safety under water, and ensure long and satisfying use. Its shape is very easy to suck in and perfectly fits the face. Large glass increases the perspective and the width of view underwater.

Spokey diving masks were made using the latest technologies. They are perfectly sealed, which prevents water from getting inside during diving, and the use of the mask is completely safe!

The snorkel allows comfortable breathing under water

The Spokey BOJKO snorkel is the best choice: it has been designed so that water does not pour inside. It is an ideal snorkel for both beginners and more advanced diving enthusiasts. Designed for comfortable and easy breathing while diving. It was equipped with a clip to attach it to the mask strap. The use of the highest quality materials guarantees the possibility of a long durability of the equipment.

Perfect diving technique thanks to the fins

Swimming with the use of fins strengthens the leg muscles, improves the speed and technique of swimming. The construction of Spokey BOJKO makes them behave perfectly in water, without creating unnecessary resistance. They guarantee stability and comfort, and additionally correct technical errors during diving. It's a great choice for any diving fan.

Adjustment system of the fins allows you to adjust them to the size of the foot, which ensures convenience and comfort while swimming.

For complete comfort of use, it is worth following the advice of experts:

It is important that the mask fits perfectly to the shape of the face. To do this, first place it so that it fits snugly, and then adjust its size using the clips.

To make the mask last longer, rinse it thoroughly with running water after each use. After drying, store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

And if you want your mask to look like new after many uses, put it in lukewarm water and squeeze the lemon juice. Leave it in so prepared water for a few hours. As a result, the silicone that could change color will look like new again!

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Belt adjustmentyes
Materiał kołnierza i paskaPVC
Mouthpiece materialPVC
Fast materialPC
Materiał ramyPC
Tube shaperounded
Viewing angleconventional
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