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Fitness equipment: treadmills, stationary bikes, cross trainers and much more

Home fitness equipment is an important part of our offer, which is constantly popular. It is primarily the so-called large fitness, i.e. treadmills, stationary bikes and cross trainers (elliptical trainers). The amount of models is huge. Both beginners and more advanced athletes will find something for themselves. All models, however, have counters of time, speed, distance, calories burned and pulse as standard, and the results can be followed on the displays. Some of them are simple, others more advanced - e.g. with tablet function. Thanks to the touch sensors on the handles, you no longer need a special heart rate monitor. You can also choose equipment with built-in training programs. Regardless of the choice, each model has convenient transport wheels, and the treadmills can be folded.

Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment is not only large equipment. There are also smaller accesories used to exercise specific muscle groups, such as push-up bars and expanders for exercising the chest muscles, as well as those that are suitable for general development exercises. These are, for example, twisters and pillows for balance exercises, which perfectly strengthen the deep muscles. Our clients often choose a planker, which is an equipment for exercising the abdominal muscles, back muscles, and legs - it is a simple device that can be used to perform many different training programs.

Exercise accessories

Exercise accessories can be a great complement to fitness equipment. After exercising on a treadmill or elliptical cross trainer, it is worth relaxing the muscles, e.g. with exercise rollers or massage balls - stretching on a gymnastic ball will also work great. And if your apartment does not allow you to buy larger equipment, among our accessories you will also find small steppers, as well as quite small accessories for exercise: fitness resistance bands, steppes, skipping ropes, expanders, rollers, hand grippers. Thanks to them, you will supplement your cardio training, take care of your form and figure without leaving your home.

Gym equipment and accessories

Gym equipment and accessories are not only complicated devices for isolated exercises. A very important part of the gym equipment, including the home one, are free weights and accessories ensuring comfort and safety of exercise. We offer a wide selection of dumbbells, weights, bars, exercise benches, gloves, joint supporters, trx straps and other equipment useful during strength exercises. All this is of the highest quality, so that the training brings the best results.


There are plenty of ways to exercise with weight. For example, classic cast iron dumbbells sold in single sets, which include a bar, a set of weights and spinlock collars securing the whole. We have dumbbells with different types of weights, so you can choose them according to the level of advancement. For people who treat exercises with dumbbells as a complementary training, for example during fitness or aerobics, a perfect solution are small dumbbells covered with vinyl for better grip and models with a Velcro strap, additionally securing the equipment. The weight can also be added into other forms of physical activity, thanks to wrist and ankle weights.

Traditionally and modern

Traditional gym equipment and accessories are often associated with bench exercises and weightlifting. That is why we have so large selection of them. Various types of straight and curl bars, different in terms of weight, are the basis for building a strong chest, biceps, back, as well as legs and abdomen. Weights from 0.5 to 20 kg allow for individual adjustments. Especially practical are those in the body pump version, which you can easily hold in your hand and exercise, for example, crunches. Kettlebell exercises are popular and modern at the same time - they are appreciated by both men and women.

Exercise accessories

Exercise must not only be effective - the basis of training is safety. Therefore, take care of it regardless of the level of advancement. Bodybuilding belts for lifting weights prevent back injuries, ankle and wrist supporters stabilize joints and reduce the possibility of bad movements, and fitness gloves prevent blisters and have anti-slip properties. Check the details of our offer and start exercising like a pro!

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