Triathlete, mother of three daughters. Literally TriMother. Multiple medalist of the Polish championship in athletics and former player of the national team.  organizer of training courses, incl. "Healthy Pregnancy" together with Anna Lewandowska. Our ambassador of the fitness line.

Sport, but health above all

Runner, fitness trainer, personal trainer, motor preparation trainer, dietitian, graduate of doctoral studies at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. Nevertheless, health is the most important thing for her, not sport or shape. During her courses and trainings, she inspires women and motivates them to take care of their health. The appearance is just a nice "side effect".

Fitness Mum that Instagram fell in love with

Since she became a mother, she was completely absorbed in the subject of activity and nutrition of future mothers. She shows pregnant women and young mothers how to be fit without losing oneself in the ideal world of Instagram. On her social media, she publishes videos with exercises almost every day and at the same time encourages to be active. It is all adapted to the condition of each woman - without being beaten with workouts.

Family first

As she says about herself, I am primarily a mother and the health of my loved ones is the most important to me and this is the philosophy I want to share with my recipients. As she emphasizes - it is from a healthy mother that good eating habits flow, which can have a positive effect on the whole family. Every day, she motivates thousands of women to fight for their health and their loved ones, among others using exercise videos published on Instagram.

As Spokey ambassador, Edyta will participate, among others in sessions in which we will introduce you to a healthy approach to training.



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