A 4-time champion of street skating, freeskate and agressive skating enthusiast, the founder of one of the largest roller-skating schools in Poland - Tomasz "Jogurt" Kwiecień. We couldn't have dreamed of a better skating line ambassador!

Sister's inline skates

Tomek, who comes from Jarosław, made his first steps with inline skates with the equipment taken from his sister. He also started promoting skating there. Construction of a skatepark, competitions ... came the final exams and you had to look for an idea for yourself.

At first 4 wheels

He has been skating for almost 20 years, but he became professionally involved with them later. Previously, he worked as a car dealer in a showroom. However, as he says, I am stuck in a suit and I know that the weather is perfect outside to go out and start living, skating. And he left. He quit his job, to the great dissatisfaction of his parents and those around him. Inline skates as a way of life? Impossible, they said. He packed up and moved to Katowice.

The lack of faith in the life of the skating passion was also related to the low popularity of the sport. It was hard, but despite this, Tomek began to spread his passion to others, he tried to do everything to make the inhabitants of the Silesian agglomeration appreciate and love skating. And he did it! He brought the Nightskating event to Katowice and started his first courses, including instructor ones. Competition? No, after all, we all share the same passion - inline skates.

Coaching and Rollcamp

He devoted the last 5 years of his life to teaching others and transferring his skills. He created one of the largest roller schools in Poland and the only one specializing in learning aggressive skating. He is an active trainer, runs instructor courses and organizes Rollcamp - camps for children. His activities are focused on the territory of Silesia.

As Spokey's ambassador, Tomek is first and foremost a consultant, taking an active part in creating future skating collections of our brand.



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