A set of vinyl dumbbells Spokey SHAPE IV 2 x 1,5 kg

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The most important advantages:

  • made of cast iron covered with vinyl
  • wide, non-slip handle
  • quality and design
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Vinyl dumbbells 2 x 1,5 kg Spokey SHAPE IV:

  • with a wide, non-slip grip, they perfectly fit the hand, which increases the comfort and safety of exercise,
  • are made of cast iron coated with vinyl, which makes them durable, pleasant to hold and more adhesive,
  • look great: they are available in colorful versions with different weights, making it easier to find dumbbells of the same weight from other equipment.

Dumbbells are one of the most popular instruments used for fitness training. Thanks to exercises with loads, you can effectively and quickly achieve the desired effects, such as strengthening the muscles, improving the condition or losing unnecessary kilograms. Two Spokey SHAPE IV dumbbells are essential equipment for every home gym. They make it possible to carry out many different exercises, thus activating the muscles that we care about the most. They are available in unique colors, differing in weight. Thanks to this, you can easily choose the dumbbells optimally to your individual needs and find them easier from other sports assortment.

Two vinyl dumbbells of the same weight

Spokey SHAPE IV dumbbells have been prepared in a classic shape with a wide, comfortable place for a hand. They are made of durable cast iron, thanks to which they will serve for many years. Their shape is a guarantee of practical, safe and optimal exercises. The vinyl coating increases the comfort and quality of training - thanks to it, dumbbells are even more pleasant to touch, more grippy and do not slip even during intense exercise. What's more, they will look great at your home gym! Pastel colors and classic design catch the eye from a distance and encourage you to start training.

Home training with passion

Dumbbells can be the basis of our training or be an addition to daily exercises from various disciplines. They give us countless possibilities, as they allow us to adjust the type and quality of training to our expectations, predispositions and possibilities. That is why they will be perfect for both people starting their adventure with sport and seasoned professionals. The SHAPE IV set consists of 2 dumbbells of the same weight. Thanks to this, you can practice holding loads in both hands or increase the intensity by translating both hands into one. Availability in various weight variants (from 0,5 to 2 kg) allows the user to choose the load optimally suited to his training goals.

Technical data:

  • material: vinyl coated cast iron
  • weight: 2 x 1,5 kg
More Information
Color gray
Set items count 2 pieces
Liczba sztuk x waga 2x 1,5 kg
Material vinyl
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