Set of hexagonal dumbbells 2x5 kg Spokey MONSTER

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The most important advantages:

  • two 5 kg dumbbells included
  • the hexagonal shape provides stability during various exercises, such as push-ups with dumbbells
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Spokey MONSTER II 2x 5kg hexagonal dumbbell set:

  • are two identical weights, with which you can perform exercises holding them in both hands or increase the intensity of the workout by transferring two to one hand,
  • have a hexagonal shape that provides stability when performing various exercises, such as push-ups with dumbbells, but also ensures that the weights do not move freely on the floor,
  • have been designed so that their shape allows for comfortable placement of the hand and then a firm grip.

If you are looking for sports equipment that will raise the level and quality of your home workout, the Spokey MONSTER II dumbbell set is the perfect choice. Using the exercise weights, you will achieve the results you dream of - strengthen your muscles, improve your fitness or get rid of excess weight.  

Created for home fitness workout

Two Spokey MONSTER II dumbbells will work best for the purpose of shaping various muscle parts, with a particular focus on arms and biceps. However, the range of exercises possible to perform with them is much wider! They are an excellent choice for fitness training, aerobics, jogging, general training and as an introduction to working with higher loads. MONSTER II have been prepared in different weight and color versions, so you can freely adjust them to your needs and current form.

Exercising with a real passion

MOSTER II have been prepared in a classic shape with a wide, convenient place for the hand. The hexagonal shape provides stability when performing, for example, push-ups with dumbbells, but also ensure that the loads will not move freely on the floor. The MONSTER II set consists of two identical dumbbells of the same weight, so you can practice holding the loads in both hands or increase the intensity by flipping both into one.

An essential for every gym

Dumbbells are a universal helper for daily training - they are the basis of any home gym. They give us countless possibilities, as they allow us to adjust the type and quality of training to our expectations, predispositions, and abilities! Spokey MONSTER II were designed to look great at the home gym. The unique colors and modern design catch the eye from afar, so as soon as you look at them, you won't be able to stop yourself from starting your workout.

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