Yoga set: yoga mat, yoga block, resistance bands Spokey MANTRA

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The set includes:

- 4 mm yoga mat,

- 3 '' x 6 '' x 9 '' yoga block,

- 3 pcs of resistance bands

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Yoga is the best solution for everyone who needs relaxation after another stressful day, and at the same time want to keep fit and slim. Anyone can exercise it, regardless of age or current physical condition! We have prepared a set especially for you that will help you start your yoga adventure.

The set includes:

  • 4 mm yoga mat,
  • 3 '' x 6 '' x 9 '' yoga block,
  • 3 pcs of resistance bands

Spokey MANTRA yoga mat

While you can manage a game of table tennis without table tennis paddles, practicing yoga without a mat is almost impossible. It is a must-have for both beginners and advanced yogis. The mat ensures safety, comfort during exercise and, most importantly, prevents slipping on the surface. The Spokey MANTRA yoga mat is made of PVC foam, which makes it very durable and resistant to damage. Its most important feature is its excellent anti-slip properties - you can feel confident and safe during exercise! Classic design will be perfect for any interior. Using it helps you take a safe position and gives you stability and balance. It is also perfect for pilates and physiotherapy.

MANTRA yoga block

The perfect helper - it will work support wherever greater flexibility is required than one we have at the moment. It is a great support during exercises and asanas. Thanks to it, exercises are safer and easier to perform! For more advanced people, it enables fuller use of the possibilities as well as greater comfort of exercise. The yoga block is primarily used to stretch your arms, legs and back. They can be used as supports for lying, standing, sitting and twisting asanas

MANTRA resistance bands set

MANTRA resistance bands have a very different resistance levels. Thanks to this, they are perfect for novice users and professionals. Low resistance levels will allow you to develop the correct exercise technique and prepare the muscles for higher loads. Higher loads are an option for people who like to squeeze 200% of the norm out of their muscles. The resistance bands work in a similar way as an expander or a yoga belt - they allow you to perform stretching exercises and sideways movements (e.g. chest exercises), and due to their properties and length, they allow you to successfully expand the range of exercises.

Are you looking for a ready solution for home exercises? Bet on the Spokey MANTRA set, which will become your favorite during each yoga meeting and more!

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