Badminton set: 2 rackets + shuttlecock + Spokey BADMNSET1 cover

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Badminton set: 2 rackets + shuttlecock + cover
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Spokey BADMNSET1 badminton set:

  • consists of two rackets with strong tension intended for dynamic, precise play, a shuttlecock and a cover,
  • has stable, pleasant to the touch handles that facilitate control of the rockets and allow for strong and, above all, accurate shots with a shuttle,
  • enables dynamic and precise play in the open air.

A dynamic game full of passion and action

Badminton is a great form of entertainment during outdoor meetings. It is still one of the most popular games during picnics and vacation trips. What attracts badminton fans the most is the unusual dynamics of matches. Strategy and the ability to predict the opponent's moves also play an important role. If you want to join the intense and addictive world of badminton or you are looking for the perfect equipment to improve your skills, choose a set of two Spokey BAMDNSET1 rackets with which the game will jump to the highest level!

Find out how intense and addictive badminton is

A set of rackets with a shuttlecock and a cover is all you need to start playing badminton! It is a set with excellent parameters that enables fast and precise gameplay. Made of steel (shaft) and aluminum (head), the rackets are extremely light and durable at the same time. They have a stable handle that allows you to measure strong and, above all, accurate shots with the shuttle. The grip wrapping was made of a polyurethane material that is pleasant to the touch. The set also includes a shuttle, which is adapted to fast play in the air and has a streamlined shape. Everything is packed in a convenient, transparent, zippered cover with a strap for easy transport. With this set you will be ready to play anytime, anywhere!

Technical data:

  • Material: steel (shaft), aluminum (head), PU (grip)
  • Headstock: isometric
  • Connector: T-JOINT system
  • Grip: size G3
  • Weight: 92g (+/- 5g)
  • Length: 665 mm (+/- 1mm)
  • Center of gravity: 295 mm (+/- 5 mm)
  • The set includes: cover, two rackets, a shuttle
  • String: 16-18 lbs
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