Tourist chairs

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A tourist chair is a holiday must-have! 

Designed for outdoor activities, it provides comfort during summer relaxation. Tourist chairs are also an ideal choice for relaxation, fishing, picnics or family barbecues. A beach armchair is an alternative to a classic deckchair. It allows you to take a comfortable position, without having to sit directly on the sand or grass. Stable legs, armrests and back support ensure maximum comfort of rest.

Spending time outdoors has an excellent positive effect on health and well-being. In moments of relaxation, it is worth taking care of comfort! We bet on a tourist chair. Spokey products have been designed with outdoor activities in mind - they provide excellent comfort while sitting, and are also an excellent, more comfortable alternative to classic chairs.

Thanks to the possibility of folding, the Spokey tourist chair takes up little space, which makes transport and storage easier - you can take it with you everywhere! The stable structure of tourist chairs ensures durability and stability while sitting.

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