Set of 3 fitness bands Spokey TRACY

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The most important advantages:

  • the set includes 3 fitness bands with different levels of tension
  • made of durable materials
  • diversify exercises, engage the muscle groups you care about
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Fitness bands set Spokey TRACY:

  • are 3 universal and versatile fitness bands with a closed circumference with different resistance forces,
  • it is the perfect support during stretching, fitness, pilates and yoga exercises,
  • made of durable material (latex + polyester), thanks to which it does not deform and withstands extremely strong stretching,
  • helps to diversify your exercises by engaging the muscle groups you care about.

Spokey TRACY fitness bands with a closed circuit are designed to exercise the muscles you care about the most. They allow you to maximize the effects of training and focus on different parts of the body. You can train your arms, thighs, legs or glutes. Regardless of your level of advancement, with a set of three bands, you will choose them according to your needs, because each of them has a different level of resistance (3,5 kg; 6 kg; 8 kg).

Three fitness bands with different levels of tension

The Spokey TRACY bands set is an excellent choice for both beginner athletes and professionals. They are great as an aid in developing the correct technique of exercising and as an option for people who like to squeeze 200% of the norm out of their muscles! TRACY fitness bands work in a similar way as an expander or a yoga belt - they allow you to perform exercises involving stretching and sideways movements (e.g. chest exercises), and due to their properties and length, they allow you to successfully expand the range of exercises. Closed-circuit bands will prove themselves wherever a shorter range and higher resistance is required.

The Spokey TRACY set of three mini bands with various resistance levels:

  • green - resistance 3,5 kg
  • purple - resistance 6 kg
  • blue - resistance 8 kg

Engage the muscle groups you care about

TRACY three fitness bands with which you can train anywhere - at the club, at home, in the gym or outdoors. They are recommended by personal trainers because thanks to them you will diversify your training, engaging the parties you care about. TRACY is an excellent choice for fitness, pilates, yoga or joint mobilization. They are made of very strong latex reinforced with polyester, thanks to which they do not deform and withstand strong stretching.

Technical data:

  • material: latex + polyester
  • dimensions: 30 x 8 cm
  • in set: 3 pieces
  • resistance: 3,5 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg
More Information
Length30 cm
Resistancelight, average, hard
Set items count3 pieces
Materiallatex, polyester
Width8 cm
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