Electronic dart board Spokey NARVI

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Spokey NARVI electronic dart board automatically counts points. It has a selection of 27 games that can be set to 243 different combinations and is adapted to play with up to 16 people.
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Electronic dart board Spokey NARVI:

  • is adapted to play for up to 16 players at the same time,
  • gives you a choice of 27 games that can be set to 243 different combinations,
  • includes 6 darts with 24 interchangeable tips and 6 dart holders in the cover,
  • it has a screen reinforced with a durable acrylic sticker under the shield, protected against damage and cracks.

Darts game is a great way to have fun at home and more! It allows for a moment of relaxation for employees during a break at work and is a great addition in any premises and clubs. It is also a professional sports discipline that requires reflexes, accuracy and appropriate equipment. The Spokey NARVI electronic board is the best choice for everyone, regardless of their skill level. If you want to train your accuracy or spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones, the dart is for you! Age, weight or condition do not matter.

Maximum control and fun

Summing up points on a piece of paper or remembering numbers is a thing of the past! The Spokey NARVI electronic dart board automatically counts the points so players can focus only on the most enjoyable aspects of darts. The Spokey NARVI dart board can be used simultaneously by up to 16 people, who have a choice of 27 pre-programmed games, which in various configurations provide 243 possibilities for great fun! Thanks to this, the game of darts will always be varied and you will never get bored. It will be a great choice for both beginners and experienced players. But it is not everything! 8-step sound control allows you to adjust the volume to the prevailing conditions, and 4 LED displays keep you informed about the current game points.

The Spokey NARVI electronic dartboard has built-in dart holders, which makes it much easier to store them. Dart shuttles have been constructed to ensure maximum control during the throw. The set also includes 24 interchangeable dart tips. The screen under the board has been additionally reinforced with an acrylic sticker, which protects the panel against cracking and potential damage.

How to play darts?

It's easy to start your darts adventure! It is enough to mount the Spokey NARVI electric board at a height of about 1,75 - 2 m and ... start throwing! The player's distance from the board should be more than 2 meters. It is best to designate it so that all participants of the game have equal opportunities. Each queue of throws consists of three attempts, the results of which are automatically counted by the computer. The player who first reaches the selected number of points (usually 301 or 501) wins the game of darts.

More Information
Color red
Type electronic
Średnica 34,5 cm
Program amount 27
W zestawie 6 darts, power supply
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