Half-ball training platform Spokey STANDI

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The most important advantages:

  • muscles training and motor coordination at the same time
  • greater muscle involvement
  • strengtht - does not deform under the weight
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Spokey STANDI exercise platform:

  • is a universal device with which you can diversify your daily training, engaging the muscles,
  • it is perfect for training balance, coordination and stabilization,
  • you can do crunches, squats, planks, balancing, lunges, push-ups and many other exercises!

A STANDI ball is a piece of equipment that can change the face of every workout at home and at the gym. Performing the same exercises, but with the use of a balance platform, involves more muscles, which brings very quick results. How does it work? The shape of Spokey STANDI reminds a half of a ball with a wide surface for exercises. This design requires the user to properly balance the body, which contributes to the greater involvement of the muscles responsible for stabilizing the figure. During workout, a platform tips to the sides, which strengthens not only specific parts of the body, but also a coordination.

The best balance trainer

The Spokey STANDI balance ball will be perfect for diversifying your daily workouts. After all, balance and agility are very important while any physical activity. Properly developed senses contribute to better skiing, skateboarding and snowboarding skills. Maintaining self-control and stabilization also protects against falls and potential injuries. The Spokey STANDI balance platform will be perfect for any type of rehabilitation and exercise: during warm-up, sensory, motor, medical or functional training.

STANDI? Train your muscles and coordination at the same time

The STANDI gymnastics ball was created with the safety and quality of home training in mind. It is made of durable and flexible materials. Thanks to this, it does not deform under the weight. With it you can easily perform effective training of the glutes, abdomen, back and legs muscles.

Technical data:

  • material: PVC
  • size: 59 cm
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