Fitness roller Spokey SOFTROLL

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The most important advantages

  • excellent for muscle relaxation
  • has a supportive and strengthening effect on all parts of the body
  • is resistant to high loads, deformation and mechanical damage
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Spokey SOFTROLL fitness roller

  • will be great before, during, and after training - it perfectly relaxes muscles, has a supporting and strengthening effect on all parts of the body and reduces the risk of injury,
  • was made of durable EVA foam, so it is resistant to high loads, deformation and mechanical damage, and does not absorb moisture.

Exercise rollers are simple devices that dramatically change the face of training. The use of a roller adds variety to exercises, and allows you to engage different parts of the muscles. It has a supporting effect on training to strengthen the back, abdomen, legs, and its structure makes the user enjoy a gentle or intensive massage in parallel with the exercises. Exercise roller - Spokey Softroll allows you to perform a number of exercises affecting different parts of the body.

Take care of your muscles before, during, and after training

Do you train often? A strong squeeze is not new to you? Remember that your muscles need regeneration, which is best done with a fitness roller. Using the Spokey SOFTROLL rehabilitation roller before, during, and after your workout makes your muscles work more smoothly, which brings countless health benefits - increased blood flow, range of motion and reduced risk of the injuries.

Roller and massager in one

Spokey SOFTROLL fitness roller is made of EVA foam, so it does not absorb moisture and is easy to keep clean. The small size allows for easy storage and transportation.  With the Spokey SOFTROLL fitness roller, you will diversify your daily exercises and engage the parts you care about.


  • hardness: standard
  • material: EVA foam
  • diameter: 15 cm
  • length: 33 cm
  • purpose: massage, yoga, pilates
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