Cast iron Spokey SINIS

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Spokey Sinis cast iron loads are the optimal complement to barbells. Made of very durable material ensures a long service life.
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Spokey Sinis cast iron load

  • has holes with a diameter of 28 mm (+/- 1) - it is the best complement to the barbells (bars),
  • it is the highest quality weight with a relatively small thickness, thanks to which you can put as many loads on the bar as you want,
  • there are many weight variants, which allows you to adjust their number and weight to individual training.

Perfect complement to the barbells (bars)

Spokey SINIS is the highest-quality cast iron load, which is perfect for strength training! It can be mounted on a bar with a matching hole diameter, which increases the load on the barbell during exercise and allows you to adjust the form of training to individual needs. Using Spokey SINIS makes the muscles of the whole body work, incl. two-headed and quadriceps thighs, calves, gludes, muscles of the arms, back, abdomen and shoulder girdle. Depending on the exercises performed, the muscles of the upper or lower body may be more strongly activated, so you can focus on reducing body fat, strengthening muscle mass, and improving your own condition at the same time.

Home workout full of passion

Spokey SINIS barbell loads are an indispensable element of strength training. They are made of very durable cast iron, so they will serve you for many years! They can also be used as independent exercise equipment - they successfully replace, for example, kettlebells. Their shape is the guarantee of practical, safe and optimal exercises. In addition, specially used cutters facilitate the lifting and transfer of loads.

Spokey SINIS is available in many weight variants, which gives you the freedom to put together a set of weights optimally suited to your own training style and intensity that you like. Thanks to this, they are a great choice for both those who begin their adventure with strength exercises and advanced weightlifters.






0,5 kg

10 mm

10 cm

1 kg

14 mm

12 cm

1,25 kg

20 mm

12,5 cm

2 kg

20 mm

14,5 cm

2,5 kg

22 mm

16 cm

5 kg

25 mm

20,5 cm

10 kg

35 mm

26 cm


More Information
Color black
Weight tolerance +/- 5%
Średnica otworu 28/29 mm
Material cast iron
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