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Pull up bars and bars

Pulling up on a training bar gives you the opportunity to define your body, strengthen your arms, back, chest and shoulder muscles without leaving your home. Out of the different types of exercise bars, the doorway pull-up bar is very popular.

What makes the doorway bar a good choice?

This type of equipment, unlike bars located on the wall or in the ceiling, takes up little space, and is also simple and quick to install. Thanks to this, everyone can install it in their home on their own, without having to use a hammer drill. The mobility of this equipment and the ease of cleaning are also important. If you do not want to give up exercise when going on vacation, you can always take the bar with you.

The stability of the doorway bars depends to a large extent on the door-frame structure, but well-mounted equipment is completely safe. However, just in case, it is worth checking the height of the exercise bar from time to time and checking whether it has slightly slipped as a result of training. To increase the safety effect, you can additionally strengthen the attachment of the training bar with a screw.

When buying a doorway pull-up bar, pay attention not only to the size after adjustment, but also the presence of rubber endings securing the frame and the comfort of use. Some training bars are fully or partially covered with foam, thanks to which you have a secure, comfortable grip during exercise and you do not have to worry about slipping hands while pulling up.

Barbells and weights are the basic elements of home gym equipment. The right choice of bars will allow you for effective strength workout and build muscle mass. When creating a small gym at home, it is worth choosing equipment that will be both safe and adapted to your needs. In our store we have straight bars, curl bars and short bars. Each of them has a different function and should be used for different exercises.

The straight bar is used in workouts for the chest, legs, glutes and back, as well as for deadlifts. This is probably the most popular type of bar, recommended primarily to people who already have experience and want to start training with heavier weights. Straight bars can also work well for people who want to develop the muscles of the biceps and arms, but their use for this purpose requires more practice. This type of bar is available in the Olympic bar type, ending with rotating sleeves, or the standard bar with a threaded place for the weight or a nimbus blockade to prevent the weights from slipping.

The curl bar consists of a long, curved bar. It is recommended primarily for beginners or people susceptible to injuries, because thanks to its specific structure, while compared to a straight bar, it puts less stress on the wrists. The curl bar is perfect for biceps and triceps exercises. Depending on the degree of bending of the bars (slightly curled and super curled bars are distinguished), the work of the muscles changes - the greater the bend of the bar, the more the top of the head of the muscle works, therefore the super curl bars are recommended especially for modeling triceps and precise muscle building.

The last type of bars are short bars, intended for comprehensive training of biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles, forearms, chest and back. Short bars were created for the needs of dumbbells. Thanks to the possibility of weight adjustment, they affect the intensity of training much better than traditional dumbbells and take up much less space.

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