Snorkel with anti-wave tip Spokey SNOPI

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The most important advantages:

  • anti-wave tip
  • bottom valve
  • mask belt clip
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Spokey SNOPI snorkel:

  • has an anti-wave tip that reduces the amount of water that can pour into the snorkel,
  • can be used together with a swimming cap and goggles - has a mask attachment,
  • has been equipped with a bottom valve that facilitates breathing and getting rid of excess water when surfacing,
  • it's a brightly colored so that it can be easily seen from a distance.

A snorkel is a real must-have for snorkeling enthusiasts. It facilitates breathing on the water surface and is a great choice for improving your swimming skills, e.g. crawl - it allows you to swim without turning your head. Spokey SNOPI is a snorkel perfect for both beginners and experienced snorkeling enthusiasts.

Snorkeling with passion

The Spokey SNOPI snorkel can be used together with a swimming cap and goggles. It has a clip for the mask belt. It was created so that the water does not pour inside while swimming, thanks to which it provides maximum comfort and ease of breathing under water. It is made of the highest quality materials that ensure safety under water and long and satisfying use: PVC snorkel and mouthpiece, and the valve made of polycarbonate (PC). The bright colors of the snorkel tube make each user visible from a distance while swimming.

Comfortable breathing while swimming

With the Spokey SNOPI snorkel, practicing snorkeling, i.e. a sport that involves hovering on the surface of the water with your head submerged in order to observe the underwater life, will jump to an even higher level. The Spokey SNOPI snorkel has an anti-wave tip and a bottom valve, which allows the air to easily escape to the outside and at the same time prevents water from entering the snorkel. This makes getting rid of the water on your ascent even easier! What's more, Spokey SNOPI has a flexible connector with which you can easily adjust the tube to your face.

Technical data:

  • material: PVC pipe and mouthpiece, PC valve
  • valve: bottom
  • mask belt clip: yes
  • anti-wave tip: yes
More Information
Mouthpiece material PVC
Additional features pipe with bottom valve
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