Peanut ball Spokey LOVA

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Spokey LOVA is a bean-peanut-shaped ball that provides excellent support during universal development activities and during rehabilitation.
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A bean-shaped ball is an excellent choice for home training and rehabilitation. It was created to correct posture defects. Thanks to it, you will diversify your training, engaging virtually all muscle groups. Spokey LOVA is a ball that provides excellent support during universal development activities. Exercises with LOVA, which seem to be easy, can bring very big effects!

Perfect during rehabilitations and home exercises

The use of a Spokey LOVA peanut ball is a great way to strengthen most muscles, improve condition and diversify your training. Ball exercises are perfect for everyone - easy to do for beginners, low intensity for seniors, and perfect for people with injuries. It can be successfully used during rehabilitation - it strengthens the muscles around the spine and improves blood circulation.

Friend of home training

Exercises with Spokey LOVA are perfect for everyone, regardless of the current shape, training or age! You can do them at home - a little space is enough. Moreover, such training does not burden the joints, improves balance and strengthens muscles. It is also perfect for meditation and toning. What more could you want?

Quality and technology

The Spokey LOVA penaut ball has a profile that allows movement in one direction only, which ensures greater stability than standard balls. It is safer for the youngest users and seniors.

Color: grey

Additional features: double

Diameter: 90 x 45 cm

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Color gray
Additional features double
Średnica 90 x 45 cm
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