Pilates hoop Spokey RING

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The most important advantages:

  • universal wheel for pilates, yoga and stretching
  • increased effects of each training
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Spokey RING pilates hoop

  • allows you to perform training that will bring much faster results with the involvement of every part of the body,
  • increases the flexibility and efficiency of the body, makes it easier to adopt and maintain the correct position during exercise,
  • leaves deep muscles in a constant state of tension,
  • is a very versatile - it can be used for standing, sitting and lying exercises.

Spokey RING is a pilates hoop with an extremely wide range of applications, which will make every training jump to the highest level. It is ideal for adding variety to home exercises as it helps engage all muscle groups. With the hoop, you can perform standing, sitting and lying training focused on legs, thighs, gllutes, as well as arms, chest, arms, back or stomach. By using Spokey RING, you will strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility and fitness of your body, eliminate muscle tension, back pain, and relax and unwind at the same time!

Magic exercise wheel

The Spokey RING pilates and yoga wheel is made of thermoplastic reinforced plastic, thanks to which it can withstand high loads and always returns to its original shape, even during the most demanding training. Its grips will help you keep the hoop in a comfortable position, thus leaving the deep muscles in a constant state of tension. Such resistance brings faster and much better training results! What's more, the wheel can also be used for stretching or yoga training. It increases the flexibility of the body, allows you to adopt and maintain the correct position during exercise.


Technical data:

  • material: TPE + ABS + NBR + fiberglass
  • size: 37 x 35,5 cm
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