Set of fitness rollers 3in1 (3 parts) blue Spokey MIXROLL 3in1

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The most important advantages:

  • 3 rollers of different hardness and diameter
  • they diversify the exercises and allow you to engage different muscle groups
  • easy to store and transport
  • durable material that does not absorb moisture
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A set of fitness roller Spokey MIXROLL:

  • are 3 rollers of different hardness and diameter, which can be used interchangeably in order to diversify the training,
  • it will be perfect before and after training - it perfectly relaxes the muscles, supports and strengthens all parts of the body,
  • it is made of durable materials, thanks to which it is not only pleasant and comfortable during massage, but also resistant to high loads, deformations and mechanical damage, and at the same time does not absorb moisture.

Exercise rollers are simple devices that radically change the face of training. Their use diversifies the exercises and allows you to engage different parts of the muscles. They are perfect both during the warm-up and after the exercises. They can be used to accelerate the regeneration and relaxation of massaged muscles. Spokey MIXROLL rollers support the training strengthening the back, abdomen, legs and more. The structure of the largest and smallest roller also allows you to enjoy a gentle or intense massage.

Take care of your muscles before, during and after training

Spokey MIXROLL rehabilitation rollers are made of EVA, PVC and PE foam and equipped with special spikes giving a massage effect. The material does not absorb moisture, which makes them easy to keep clean. The set includes three different rollers with different diameter and hardness, so they can be used interchangeably depending on the exercises and body parts that we care about:

  1. Large diameter roller made of foam with standard hardness, with spikes gives the effect of a gentle massage. It is recommended for people who are stretched, athletic, or have a lot of muscle. It should only be used with components inserted.
  2. A soft roller with a smaller diameter, perfect for massaging every muscle part, e.g. the upper part of the legs and arms. Due to its medium hardness, the surface of the roller does not leave any marks under the influence of the body. It is dedicated to people who are just starting their adventure with rolling.
  3. The smallest diameter hard roller for point massage with comfortable handles. It has four movable heads that increase the intensity of training. It is also great for older people and small body builds.

Effects of exercises with fitness rollers

Spokey MIXROLL is a unique set of rollers that allow you to perform many exercises to strengthen various parts of the body. The training and massage performed with their help brings great health benefits - it increases blood flow, improves the range of motion, and reduces the risk of strain and injuries! Small dimensions and the possibility of connecting them together allow for easy storage and transport.

Technical data:

  • hardness: soft, hard
  • material: EVA, PVC, PE foam
  • purpose: general development exercises
  • length: 45 cm / 45 cm / 45 cm
  • diameter: 3,5 cm / 9,5 cm / 14 cm
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Additional features3 pieces
Twardośćstandard, soft, hard
MaterialPVC, EVA, PE
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