Fitness mat 6mm Spokey LIGHTMAT II

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The use of 0.6 cm thick PVC foam significantly increases the comfort of exercises, especially those performed while lying down. The non-slip surface ensures stability while exercising on various types of surfaces.
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Spokey LIGHTMAT fitness mat:

  • is made of 0,6 cm thick PVC foam, thanks to which it provides excellent insulation from the ground,
  • it helps to raise the level of each training - the non-slip structure ensures stability during exercise,
  • it does not absorb moisture - therefore it is also very easy to keep it clean.

The Spokey LIGHTMAT exercise mat is an irreplaceable equipment for everyone who plans to exercise at home or in a fitness club. The non-slip surface isolating from the ground makes training much more comfortable.

MUST HAVE for every workout

The Spokey LIGHTMAT mat was created to provide maximum comfort during training. It is made of 0.6 cm thick PVC foam, thanks to which it increases the quality of exercises, especially those requiring greater cushioning or in a lying position. It ensures safety and, most importantly, prevents slipping on the surface. Foam mats are soft and flexible at the same time, and they do not move across the floor. In addition, they are extremely easy to clean!

Incredible comfort during exercises

The Spokey LIGHTMAT exercise mat is the best choice for everyone who plans to exercise at home. It was created to provide stabilization and balance and to help control the correct body position. It will be invaluable during stretching exercises, fitness, physical therapy, as well as for all asanas - no matter how you practice yoga. Spokey LIGHTMAT thickness (0,6 cm) is a guarantee of excellent insulation from the ground. It perfectly protects against bruises and slipping during training.

It is easy to clean and takes up little space

What distinguishes the Spokey LIGHTMAT mat is its excellent anti-slip properties - you will feel confident and safe during exercise! Them foam ensures high flexibility and resistance to moisture and mechanical damage. In addition, it is very easy to roll - it takes up very little space. The LIGHTMAT mat is also the best choice for exercises with loads - it is a barrier that protects the floor against the heavy assortment.

Technical data:

  • material: PVC foam
  • dimensions: 180 x 60 cm
  • thickness: 0,6 cm
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Thickness0,6 cm
Dimension180 x 60 cm
MaterialPVC foam
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