Yoga block Spokey HANA

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A yoga block with dimensions of 23 x 15 x 8 cm made of EVA foam.
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Yoga is a sport for everyone! It will suit both beginners and advanced athletes. Yogis all over the world prove it! Regular practice helps to calm down, distract yourself from everyday duties, reduces stress and introduces balance and peace. But these are just a few of the benefits of yoga. 

The perfect way to do yoga

The Spokey HANA yoga block is a must-have for every yoga apprentice. Useful for both beginners and advanced. To the first ones it serves as a support wherever greater flexibility is required than one we have at the moment. For more advanced people, it enables fuller use of the possibilities as well as greater comfort of exercise. The yoga block is primarily used to stretch your arms, legs and back.

Made of EVA foam

Thanks to the use of EVA foam, the block is not only solid, but above all pleasant to the touch. Because the yoga HANA is made of foam, it is lighter than cork and is perfect for asanas that require stability. Rest assured, the block will be your favorite companion for improving your balance or performing the perfect asana. Thanks to it, yoga training jumps to the highest level!

Exercise in style

The Spokey HANA yoga block is distinguished by its unique design, thanks to which it will become a favorite yoga accessory. Using it helps you assume a safe position and gives you stability and balance. It is also perfect for pilates and physiotherapy.

Some practical tips

The yoga block is the perfect assistant for stretching. Thanks to it, exercises are safer and easier to perform! They can be used as supports for lying, standing, sitting and twisting asanas. The biggest advantage of HANA is its weight - only 260 g. The unique color will attract the attention of every yogi!

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